Adult Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder (Adult ADHD) Assessment

It is a disorder of the nervous system in adults that is characterized by presence of attention problems and over activity of nervous system. These symptoms sometimes occur alone but mostly occur at the same time.


Its symptoms start appearing at the age of seven and it is chronic so it can last whole lifespan of the patient. Patients of this disease have problem doing own motivation and regulation. They also have problem with tractability, orderliness, learning, employment, personal relationship and prioritization. Some of them turn to smoking, alcohol and sedative drugs.


In Adult ADHD diagnosis practitioners view history of subject up to early childhood and family background regarding this disease. There are certain tests that are also used like WAIS and BADDS. Some conditions are given to the patients and the person is allowed to find solution and the activity of brain like hyperactivity and attention deflection is observed. Diagnosis of ADAH may be hard and irritating process for the patient.


It is treated by the nervous system stimulant drugs. The response to these drugs is more in the children then adults. Some drugs that are not stimulant to nervous system also useful like Atomoxitine. These drugs increase aggressive thoughts so the doctors prescribe nervous system depressants they have a slow effect but are more effective in chronic treatment.

Some therapies are also used psychological therapy like cognitive behavior is used. It is more effective in children then in adults..

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to increase the self-confidence of patients. It helps patients to get emotionally strong and also help to cope the challenges of the world which otherwise is impossible for them the get through.

2. Talk therapy

In this therapy the person is allowed to talk about his problems with a practitioner or any of his close relative, so that he can have the complete grasp of the disruption occurring in his behavior

3. Relationship therapy:

This is a therapy in which the person is told to get in a relationship like marriage as it cause the patients attention focus on one thing and it give peace of mind to have someone your own. In this type the person is also taking some rapid decisions which allow him to get control of his mind and get rid of the hyperactivity.