Adnoids – What Are Common Problems With Adnoids?


Are you curious as to what, exactly, your adnoids are and what they do for you? Using your tongue to probe the back of your throat, you may find that you can actually feel your tonsils. Well known for their removal and subsequent ice cream filled recovery, these dangling structures are typically easy to see just by opening your mouth widely while looking in a mirror.

What you don’t see with that open mouthed expression are the adnoids which reside back behind the noise and soft palate. These two structures, sometimes referred to as T&A, work together to provide a barrier against harmful bacteria as well as aiding the body in producing antibodies.

With such helpful functions, you may be wondering why this body structure duo is so well known for its removal. These structures are commonly prone to problems including infection (extreme and chronic infections contribute to removal of the adnoids), unhealthy enlargement, and tonsil stones.

Tonsil stones are globs of material that form and collect in the pitted surface of the structure. These globs contain bacteria, post nasal drip, and sulfur compounds. The sulfur compounds give the bits an especially offensive smell that may contribute to bad breath. Sufferers may also find that they feel like something is caught in the back of their throat.

In addition to the infections commonly associated with the structures, sleep apnea and dental problems can result when these structures are abnormal or unhealthy. Medical professionals may select from a range of treatment options that may include surgical removal to treat adnoids issues.


Source by Susan W Robinson