Adjusting to Becoming Deaf Late in Life

It was on March 2, 2007 that I had to be admitted to the hospital being assisted by two friends. One of which is my partner in life. Their names are Donna (my partner) and Brenda (my friend.) Donna is Caucasian and Brenda is like me, African American. The reason I mention their backgrounds is because as sick as I was, the Emergency room made it difficult for me to be admitted without one was kin to me. What I experienced was hate from the Emergency room facility. According to Donna, they just assumed I was another drunken negro off the streets. I was told by Donna later that I had to ride in an Ambulance to another hospital where Brenda pretended to be my sister (although we look nothing like). They in fact took that information and wave me admittance. After the doctor took a spinal tap it was declared that I had spinal Meningitis and was then taken to the Intensive Care Unit.

I slept in an unconscious like sleep for three days. On that third day, I awoke to a loud humming in both my ears. Donna asked me am I alright but all I could see was her mouth moving and no sound. I began to panic. Having the doctors and nurses called to my room, one of the doctors wrote me a note asking can I hear anything. I replied with a loud voice, "No, I can not even hear myself speak." The doctor then wrote me another note saying, "Royce, you are one lucky lady. When I read that note, I'll never forget the feeling I had about losing my hearing. In fact I was relieved that it was only my hearing that I lost and nothing else. In having time to adjusting to my hearing, I've realized that there are far worse things in life than just being deaf. Long story short I lost my job. And for most of the five years that I've been deaf, I've been feeling self pity. I had no way to pay my bills until I found out I qualified for benefits.

When I went out in public with Donna, I remember feeling like I did not want anyone to talk to me. Why, because then I would have to tell them I am deaf. And that was a hard pill for me to swallow. In fact, I was embarrassed. Having no way to communicate makes one feel locked out from the world. Until one day it dawned on me to attempt to learn American Sign Language. Donna at the time was in college learning ASL. She took that course so that our relationship would not suffer a huge communication gap. What love. Smiles. Basically I've been learning ASL through Donna and today although I'm not fluent in ASL, at least I know enough to get by. As time goes on, I'm learning ASL all the time.

Now that I can somehow communicate through ASL, I wondered what job could I get to earn some extra income. My Benefits just are not enough.

During the fifth year of my being deaf, I decided to attend college. My goal was to become a computer programmer. I went to school for about a year. I had two Sign Language Interpreters, however, the more I advanced in college, the harder the courses, and the harder it was for me to understand what the interpreters were saying to me. Some of my computer courses contained videos which were not closed captions. That was another issue for me to try and overcome. My instructors simply were not willing to change their videos to having closed captioned. Rather than beat a dead horse, I simply finished my semester and never went back. So now I'm a college drop out. Again, what was I to do for a living. I needed something.

It was not long before I turned to the internet. But even that did not seem very promising because most programs are in video and not closed captioned. Also, most of the work at home gigs, require you to use the telephone. Of course that did not work either. I searched and searched for something for me to do. I do not have much money to be investing in programs that do not deliver. So I had to be very picky on which programs to join.

Finally, I found a program that not only had video presentations but they were almost like closed captioned. Each clip of video was written words for me to follow along easily. Even the training videos had written words to them. I was over joyed.

Since joining this Business Venture, I'm seeing on average $ 208.48 per day. What I'm trying to say is that if you search diligently you too can find a program that's right for you. Bottom line is if I can do it, so can you. If you're interested in learning the secret to becoming wealthy, please contact me at my email address listed in the Resource Box. Thank you for reading.