ADHD Psychiatric Drugs Connected With Violence

It is a known fact that psychiatric mind-altering drugs, (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, and so on), prescribed to children/adults for ADD (attention-deficit disorder) and ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder) have a high potential risk in respect of adverse effects they can, (and do), create. There are, unfortunately, many documented cases.

Information that people generally may or may not be aware of is that there is also a connection between psychiatric drugs and violence. (This subject is not easy to digest mentally but I feel you will agree that we do need to face up to the truth. This is the only way to progress…eradication of agreed upon, unwanted influences in society, equals pro survival for humanity).

How many more disasters need to occur before mind-altering psychiatric drugs, and their high potential risk of adverse effects on children/adults, are investigated, and accordingly preventive measures put in place? Could a couple of the underlying reasons for not taking action, be: ‘Drugs are big money’, and, ‘Conflict of Interest’ occurring, re sanctioning of mind-altering psychiatric drugs into society? If this is so, then it’s at the expense of our children/adults, under continual threat of the high potential risks of ill effects being created from ingesting these psychiatric drugs!

The ever expanding environmental damage to our planet and the global financial economic crisis were both left, in the main, as unattended problems…until it was nearly too late!

A similar situation exists in respect of the inattention given to the ongoing critical problem and blatant disregard of conditions occurring from the continued introduction of these mind-altering psychiatric drugs into our society!ever expanding environmental damage to our planet and the global financial

There are, thankfully, alternative, sane, workable solutions (holistic, nutritional, medical) in treating children/adults with attention, behavior or learning problems, (commonly called “ADD” or “ADHD”),(without, of course, the use of psychiatric drugs).