ADHD Natural Treatment – Acupressure

Most cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are handled by giving prescription medications. But did you know that ADHD and other developmental behaviors are often caused by poor nutrition and slow blood circulation to the brain? For many children who haven’t benefited from medication, natural treatments like diet modifications and special therapies have been helpful in overcoming the disorder and leading a normal life.

Acupressure from Chinese medicine is a widely-used therapeutic approach to treating ADHD, but the pharmaceutical companies that back Western medicine prevent this practice from getting the media attention it deserves. According to the philosophy behind Chinese medicine, every person has a spirit that lives in the heart. When a child’s spirit becomes overactive and restless, the heart becomes overheated and the child experiences inattention, uncontrollable behavior, and irresistible impulses. In order to treat ADHD, certain pressure points in the body need to be massaged or stimulated to cool the heart and calm the spirit. The practice of activating pressure points is called acupressure, and it aims to treat illnesses and chronic disorder by restoring balance in the body’s energy systems.

According to the philosophy that supports acupressure, our physical and mental well-being is determined by the harmonious flow of life-energy, or Chi, throughout our bodies. An individual becomes sick when certain things obstruct the flow of Chi. To treat the illness, an acupressurist uses the hands, elbows, and other objects to apply pressure to relevant pressure points of the body. By activating pressure points, balance in the body’s energy paths is restored, and Chi can flow steadily throughout the body. Acupuncture is based on these principles as well, but the difference is that the practitioner uses needles instead of physical pressure. Since needles might seem threatening to children, acupressure is a preferred treatment for ADHD.

A particular acupressure method that is effective for ADHD children is the use of ear magnet seeds or acupressure beads. An acupressure bead is a round metallic object coated with gold and applied to the surface of the ear in order to make Chi flow. Children with ADHD respond favorably after seven days of placing the beads, and continue to show noticeable improvements in the following weeks.

Of course, acupressure alone cannot treat ADHD, but it is an effective, harmless supplement to a comprehensive treatment program. Acupressure is practiced by over 2,000 licensed medical doctors who use alternative medicine together with Western medical modes. The growing success and popularity of Chinese medicine in the Western world has made insurance companies flexible about covering sessions with an acupressurist. To locate a specialist near you, contact the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture or ask for referrals from friends.