Acute Bronchitis Treatment – Mercy Maranga

Acute bronchitis is as a result of the inflammation of the large bronchitis in the lungs.  This is usually caused by viral and bacteria pathogens.  The symptoms experienced include an expectorant cough, fever, fatigue, headaches, breathlessness, pain in the chest and wheezing.

Most of the symptoms are as a result of blockage of the tubes to the lungs.  This makes air movement through them difficult.  A proper diagnosis by a doctor is necessary before administering acute bronchitis treatment.  The diagnosis includes tests done in the sputum, chest x-rays and blood test.  These tests are done on patients who present cough and shortness of breath as their symptoms.  The doctor is therefore able to rule out other diseases such as pneumonia. 

The exact cause of the bronchitis disease is also known at this time.  This is very important for acute bronchitis treatment.  If the cause of the infection is virus pathogen this does not need any medication.  The infection will go away on its own. Viruses are the most common causes of bronchitis disease. Acute bronchitis treatment for an infection caused by bacterial pathogens needs medication. This can be done by antibiotics, and expectorant cough syrup.  Antihistamines should not be used as they work against the expectorant cough syrup. 

Bronchodilaters can be used in the acute bronchitis treatment.  They relieve shortness of breath by relaxing the bronchi and clearing them up.  This can be used together with the antibiotics and expectorant cough syrup.  Acute bronchitis treatment also involves prevention measures.  A vaccine which is oral developed by Robert Clancy, an Australian professor in the University of New Castle can be administered.  This vaccine was developed in the year 1985 and commercialized four years later.