Acute Bronchitis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Acute Bronchitis Infection is occurring frequently across all society today. Understanding the consequences of such an infection is of importance as it impairs our ability to live normally.

Studies have shown that such types of bronchitis infection is prevalent among children infants and a high percentage of cigarette smokers . If you a not a smoker but because you live or work in a polluted area you may also exhibit bronchitis infection symptoms. Those who suffer from a weak pulmonary system are also prone to acute bronchitis. These are the high risk category people.

The symptoms and exhibitions of such bronchitis infection is similar to that of a common cold. Some of these symptoms include tightening of the chest, dry cough, sore throat or eyes watering. Check if the mucus is green or yellow. Those who are in the high risk category should take extra precaution and consult their doctors, when they exhibit such symptoms.

Acute Bronchitis is actually a virus infection to the inner part of the bronchial tube. As a result your airways become inflamed. That is why you may experience some tightening in your chest. The bronchitis infection may pass very quickly but if left untreated may eventually develop into Chronic Bronchitis – which is a much severe form of bronchitis disease.

Your doctor will prescribe medications which may include aspirin or ibu profen , to help relieve the pain and beta agonists. Beta Agonists helps in the dilation your airways, helping to alleviate bronchitis symptom. But medications itself will be insufficient. You would have to drink plenty of water and take fruit juices as well. If you a smoker, reduce the amount of the cigarettes you smoke daily or better still, stop smoking. The general idea here is that you should improve your body immune system to combat the virus which causes bronchitis. Thus it is necessary that we maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body in order to combat these virus

There is also the option of herbal remedies for acute bronchitis infection. Such remedies includes, Cayenne pepper, basil leaves, tumeric powder or even ginger. Google the web for more details. However should you decide to pursue a holistic treatment , consult your doctor first