Acupuncture Meridian Chart

An acupuncture meridian chart is a chart that gives the specific pressure points for specific body parts. This is to ensure that pressure is put onto the correct pressure points. When this is correctly done, the desired effects are achieved. This could be relief from certain pains and aches, diseases, or reversal of certain conditions.

The body of a person has twelve meridian points. These can be described as the main doorways to a human body. This means that there are acupuncture meridian charts for each and every specific part of the body. some of them are listed below.

The lung meridian, The large intestine meridian, the stomach meridian, the spleen meridian, urinary bladder meridian, gall bladder meridian, and many others. When pressure is applied to any of these meridians, the specific diseases or disorders related to various meridians are cured. This makes acupuncture meridian charts an important tool for acupuncturists. They help the practitioners to know the exact point to apply needle pressure depending on the disease or complication being treated.

The lung meridian has eleven points according to this chart. When needle pressure is applied to these points, relief from respiratory problems such as cough, asthma,   tonsillitis  and many others. The large intestine meridian has twenty points. When appropriate needle pressure is applied to these points, diseases such as back pain, shoulder pain, sore throat and others can be cured. With the aid of acupuncture charts, various diseases and disorders can be cured. this makes this kind of charts very beneficial to both the practitioners and patients alike. They both achieve the results that they desire.