Achieve Your Goals – Watch Out For Analysis Paralysis

An achieved goal is a thing wondrous to behold. I have achieved many goals in my life and will achieve many more. Each success leaves me happier than ever. I have also had many failures of the type that have a known correctable cause and, whilst the feedback and learning gained has been most useful in the longer term, each one of these was a definite blow to my self-esteem at the time. It does not matter what anyone tells me, or even what I tell myself, at the time it is felt like a personal failure. You see, my goals are personal. So are yours. Time and reflection always puts things into perspective of course. Resilience, courage and tenacity will have me bouncing back to pursue new goals in no time. For me, the most insidious drain on gumption and confidence is not a goal failing for some reason but rather a goal that is never started at all. There are several reasons for failure to start a goal such as lack of resources, fear, emotional strength. This article looks at another very common reason many people fail to start goals at all; analysis  paralysis .

Analysis  paralysis  simply means that you are so intent on getting everything right prior to starting a goal that you are literally paralysed into inaction.

Too many failures in succession can deplete your reserves of confidence, tenacity and commitment and lead to you becoming gun-shy. You overcompensate by trying so hard to get things perfect that the goal is buried beneath a mass of details, caveats and compromises. This also provides you with ample evidence of another failure from which it can be even harder to recover. You can acquire a losing mentality.

How then do you avoid this sorry fate? Ideally, you should avoid it at all costs. You can break any medium to large goal into sub-goals. This method affords you many smaller victories along the way and lets you build up your success muscles and confidence. Likewise, any failures are smaller and less frequent. You will be a goal-master in no time.

A slight variation of the same method works if you are already caught in a strong downward spiral; through loss of confidence and inability to start any goals due to analysis  paralysis . Even if you don’t want to, force yourself to pick your next goal but this time, instead of trying to break it down into sub-goals only, break these sub-goals down into even smaller goals. Make the stretch as gentle as possible. Take baby steps. Go for a series of very small wins. This will begin to get that confidence and belief back. You will get back on the horse and start to believe again. Keep gradually building up to the goals that really stretch you. If you have a failure, simply go for a series of smaller wins again until you are back with your full winning mentality.

I never said it would be easy. Create the right conditions for success and you will be successful.

I wish you well in all your endeavours.