About the Hernia Repair Mesh Recall

If you pay attention to the news, you probably hear about product recalls all the time. Chances are likely that you’ve been a part of a recall, whether for a toy for your children, a part for your car, or another product you bought from a company. Sometimes companies simply don’t know about dangerous defects in their products until those products are in the hands of consumers. Sometimes, you may think the recall is silly, since you haven’t had any problems with the product yourself.

This assumption, though, shouldn’t carry over in the medical world. Just as with other consumer products, medical products can be recalled by their manufacturers. Oftentimes, these products are recalled because they have already harmed several individuals. One instance of a product recall in the medical world is the hernia repair mesh recall of 2007.

Why It Was Recalled

This mesh, known as a Kugel mesh after its inventor, was made by a company called Davol. The company manufactured this mesh patch for a number of years. It is basically a piece of woven plastic that sits behind the abdominal wall to strengthen it and to prevent further hernias. The mesh has a recoil ring in it that makes it lie flat against the muscle when it is inserted into the body.

After several patients had serious problems because of this particular hernia mesh, it was recalled. The main issue is that the recoil ring was often breaking as it was being placed into the body. Doctors had no way of knowing that the ring was broken until sometimes months after surgery. At that point, the pieces of the broken ring along with its sharp edges may have already wrought havoc on the body.

Oftentimes, patients were experiencing problems related to the migration of the broken ring. Sometimes it would migrate to another area of the body without causing too many problems. Other times, though, the ring pieces would cause all sorts of problems on their way through the body. They would scratch and perforate organs as they moved through the body, leaving organs open to fistulas and major infections. In some cases, patients even died because of the hernia mesh complications they experienced due to these broken rings.

What You Can Do

If you are currently using one of the recalled hernia mesh patches or if you’ve been injured because of problems with this device, you may need to contact a lawyer. Oftentimes, individuals have been able to get their medical expenses, missed time at work, and pain and suffering compensated by the manufacturing company of the Kugel mesh.

There is evidence that the Kugel hernia mesh was faulty long before its manufacturer issued a recall in 2005. Since this is the case, many of the individual Kugel mesh lawsuits are providing patients with some recompense for the trouble they have faced because of their hernia mesh complications. If you think you fit into this number, consult with a qualified lawyer today.