About Gastritis

In gastritis, a person sufferers from intense pain, inflammation and redness in stomach. It is of two types: mild and severe. Sufferers of gastritis finds it hard to concentrate on his or her work, feet uneasy, uncomfortable and becomes extremely weak. This ailment is known as urdhavaga amlapitta in ayurveda and it can affect the person of any age group.

The various causes of gastritis are unhealthy eating habits, improper diets, excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine, stress, pain, depression, side effects of some drugs and sorrow. Intake of junk food items have become a common reason for gastritis these days. Also one should avoid intake of food prepared in adulterated oil and in unhygienic conditions as it can directly lead to gastritis problem in body.

The various symptoms of gastritis are weakness, unwillingness to eat, depression, pain in stomach and head, pyrosis, vomiting, heaviness in abdomen, lethargy and pain in urine etc. people suffering from gastritis also shows the sings of constipation, diarrhea, sour tongue, and bad smell from mouth etc.

You would be glad to read that rice gruel is one of the best home remedy for gastritis. Intake of 1-2 bowl of rice gruel a day helps in treating mild as well as severe form of gastritis in an effective way. Even consumption of honey helps in treating gastritis problem in an easy way. Drinking coconut water 4-5 times day also cures the problem of gastritis since it cools down the body temperature and aids in digestion process.