About Depression

Depression is a common mental illness. Depressions symptoms include, irritability, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, feelings of inadequacy, self hate, inappropriate guilt, tiredness, etc. The way it is diagnosed is if you had five or more of these symptoms for at least two weeks then you are suffering from depression.

Sometimes it can manifest as anger. A lot of men are said to have more angry reactions when they are depressed. Depressed people often withdraw from social activities and people. they often think about suicide and in extreme cases, attempt it. Sometimes depressed people can’t sleep or they oversleep.

In severe cases, depression causes psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. They often focus on guilt, inadequacy and disease.

The causes of depression are highly diverse. They can range from something as small as a rejection from a potential date to something big like continual childhood abuse and trauma. Some say it is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. It could be good to adjust your dieting. Sometimes, depression could be caused by not getting enough of the right nutrients.

Just like the causes and triggers of depression, the depression treatments are also diverse. Depression is treated through medication like anti-depressants. It is also treated through counseling and adjustment of lifestyle. Since the causes and degrees of depression vary, not one treatment is going to work for all cases.

Depression is a common and potentially life threatening disease and the majority of people go through an episode of depression at some point in their life. But if treated appropriately, one can survive it without it getting too severe.