Abnormal Bleeding: Can Ovarian Cysts Be To Blame?

While it is normal for a woman who is of a childbearing age to bleed, not every type of vaginal bleeding experienced by such a woman is usually normal. This is especially so when such a bleeding occurs between periods. There are many causes of vaginal bleeding between periods, most of which are usually easy to treat. Given the fact that there are many ovarian cyst myths, most women are never sure whether cysts on ovaries can cause abnormal bleeding. Here is the truth that you should know.

Normally, ovarian cysts do not cause any kind of bleeding between periods. In fact, in most of the cases, cysts on ovaries usually appear and then disappear without women knowing of their presence. This however usually happens in cases where the cysts on ovaries are small and thus do not have any effect on a woman’s reproductive system. There are cases where due to the lifestyle a woman leads, the cysts can grow. This growth may cause them to affect adjacent tissues and organs of the reproductive system and thus causing most of the symptoms associated with ovarian cysts.

Due to physical trauma or continued growth, cysts on ovaries may rupture. When a cyst burst occurs, a woman usually feels sharp abdominal and pelvic pain. In addition to this pain, a vaginal discharge usually occurs as a result of the spilling of the contents of the cyst. In some cases, ovarian cysts usually contain blood and thus the leaking of this cystic fluid into the uterine cavity usually leads to abnormal bleeding.

Women who have endometriosis are at an increased risk of having endometriod cysts. These types of cysts are usually also known as chocolate cysts by virtue of the thickness and general appearance of the cystic fluid. When this type of ovarian cyst ruptures, the resulting discharge will appear as a form of abnormal bleeding. A woman whose cysts have ruptured is thus likely to experience bleeding or spotting between periods. An ovarian cyst rupture however usually happens rarely and when it does, it is usually accompanied by sharp pains. When this happens, you should make sure that you see a doctor immediately to avoid any complications arising from the cyst burst.

This does not however mean that cysts are always to blame for any vaginal bleeding that occurs between periods. This is because there are other factors that can cause abnormal bleeding, including injury during sexual intercourse. What is important is that you pay a visit to the doctor early enough for diagnosis and possible treatment.