Abdominal Migraine In Children

Often misdiagnosed, abdominal migraine in children is a relatively serious condition that entails pain in the abdomen, nausea, and vomiting- it’s certainly not necessary for headaches to be present. This condition is generally seen in children who are five to nine years of age, however it has also been rarely present in adults. It is difficult to diagnose despite affecting a million people worldwide, as it mirrors many other conditions and because children might have some difficulties explaining how they feel. No conclusive test has been created for this disorder present in children. It usually seems like the flue or perhaps appendicitis. Nonetheless, the symptoms reappear later in the month even though the child might be perfectly healthy otherwise. Generally, there is a genetic link; a family history of migraines might give a hint that the disorder is initially abdominal migraines in children.

Doctors first attempt to discard possible causes of a child’s abdominal pain or upset abdominal migraine in children. They often treat the children with anti-depressants as well as anti-anxiety medications. Some preventative drugs are beta-blockers (propranolo). Also prescribed is periactin, an antihistamine, as it affects serotonin activity. Other non-drug treatment options include biofeedback or acupuncture- both of which had good results for a number of children.

Abdominal migraine in children can have certain triggers such as a particular food or stress, which can sometimes be identified by affected individuals. This would certainly be helpful in preventing them. As soon as a diagnosis of this condition has been determined, it is crucial that treatment options as well as implementation procedures are thoroughly discussed with a doctor. If left untreated, the frequent pain and vomiting can lead to further complications. Difficult as it is to deal with as it interferes with daily life, school, and activities, abdominal migraine in children eventually develops into migraine headaches as adults. Needless to say, it is essential to start early and control the situation.