A Wichita KS Chiropractor and Newborns

A Wichita KS Chiropractor said that spinal adjustments could help infants sleep sounder, feed more, and live healthier lives.

Many babies are born with a slight damage to their spines. Severe injuries, such as fractures and dislocations, are usually noticed right away after delivery, but often, minor problems are left unnoticed, leaving parents with an apparently healthy, but miserable baby.

Family chiropractors treat babies as young as a few hours old. When you check the baby’s spine, each switch and exit goes to the glands, organs, and tissues. If an infant’s nervous system is working accurately, there is no doubt that the baby will be at the peak of health.

A Wichita KS chiropractor believes that the most prevalent risk when giving birth is when the baby suffers from Traumatic Birth Syndrome, which results in the formation of subluxations. Numerous experts have warned of the dangers that may occur to the nerves in the neck of newborns when they are held the wrong way during birth. This damage extends from mild subluxations in the neck to more serious subluxations that involve central nervous system problems, neural hemorrhage, and spinal cord damage.

Proponents of pediatric chiropractic believe that gently realigning the spine can aid in digestion, resulting in less spitting up, and a generally easier time digesting food. The theory goes that aiding the digestive system will decrease colicky behavior and crying.

Parents, who bring their babies to a Wichita KS chiropractor, attest that their children have less sleep disturbances, are less colicky, and have less feeding problems. They are convinced that using the chiropractic method on newborn babies is the key to preventing health problems in the future.

Chiropractic for children is safe and it could have a huge effect on a child’s health. When handling children, especially newborns, chiropractors use about as much pressure as they would apply to test the ripeness of a tomato.

For many years, the Wichita KS chiropractor has observed the dramatic responses from some infants after a chiropractic spinal adjustment. Some of these babies’ conditions include Erb’s palsy, in which an arm is limp and under developed, unbalanced facial and skull symmetry, inverted foot, colic, torticollis, as well as ear, nose, and throat infections.

When the body is working at 100 percent, it has the best chance of healing and fighting disease and illness. A Wichita KS chiropractor can help improve your baby’s immune system and overall health. It is easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken adults.