A Way to Avoid Premature Ejaculation and Attain Ejaculatory Control

The following is a technique for increasing male sexual stamina and controlling the timing of ejaculation. I developed this technique through years of testing and perfecting; it is highly effective for me and I hope you will find the same success. Using this technique, I have transformed myself from a premature-ejaculating, low-confidence individual into a sexually confident person capable of sustaining a maximal erection for as long as I wish followed by an enormously satisfying ejaculation; you can do the same and please the lover(s) in your life. My goal with regard to sharing this technique is to help make the world a better place by enabling more people to have more confidence and pleasure through a more satisfying sex life. This technique is ridiculously simple, as many effective things tend to be, but it will require some practice and knowledge; mastering the basics doesn’t take much time at all. There are some very similar techniques out there, but most of them I’ve seen tend to make things too complicated or just didn’t work for me. This technique has the power to seriously enhance both your pleasure and the pleasure you are capable of delivering to others, and I hope you give it a try.

To start, you must recognize the physical mechanism that causes eventual ejaculation. During arousal and erection, you have a natural tendency to “flex” your penis because it heightens your pleasure; this tendency is strongest during a thrusting motion (pushing in), as opposed to a retreating motion (pulling out). You may not be aware of this now, but pay attention and you will notice that you do flex your penis during intercourse or masturbation; these are the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles flexing. This is key. The flexing mechanism is the basic means of ejaculating or not, as you wish; it’s that simple. Don’t flex them, and you can prolong sex. Other people also use the PC muscles to achieve various results including multiple male orgasms, but these techniques involve consciously flexing the PC muscles, which I have found to hasten ejaculation. As long as you are at a “normal” level of arousal, not extreme arousal, you can simply choose not to flex your penis and maintain that level of arousal indefinitely; with practice you can maintain very high levels of arousal by alternating between flexing and refraining. You can still thrust your abdominal muscles while refraining from flexing your PC muscles; you do not have to stop moving or stop thinking about the sexy sex you’re having. When the time comes to climax, perhaps when your partner is having an orgasm, simply resume flexing your penis with each thrust and you will usually ejaculate in less than a minute.

It seems very simple, but there are some additional things you must know to ensure success. You must practice this in order to get the hang of what level of arousal is perfect for you, not too much or too little. To maintain this level, you may need to flex the PC muscles occasionally to raise arousal, but be wary of going too far and reaching the “point of no return,” which can really sneak up on you if you’re not careful with this technique. Practice, and then practice more. Practice while masturbating or even try a realistic vagina simulator to more accurately replicate real sex. Be aware of your mental arousal as well and adjust accordingly. In other words, when you know you are highly aroused, don’t flex, and when you are moderately aroused, go ahead and flex with each thrust as usual; but again, be careful because there can be a “delayed response” in your arousal when flexing that can send you to orgasm very quickly. Regularly ejaculating is also important. If times are slow, masturbate. Don’t hold out for the next lover in your life, because then you’re likely to be so aroused during the main event that you just “blow it.” Be confident that this works, because it does. The only problems arise when insufficient practice or getting too aroused too fast by flexing too much leads to premature ejaculation, which a lot of us are familiar with anyway. At first it may seem difficult to refrain from flexing your penis, but with practice it becomes easy; with enough practice, you can maintain a very high level of arousal without ever ejaculating until you choose to begin flexing your PC muscles aggressively with each thrust.

Please note that if this particular method doesn’t work for you even after a lot of persistent practice, just try something else and have faith that you’ll find what works for you.

Best regards, and may this technique serve your sex life well. If more men get better in bed then more women will be sexually satisfied as well; more sexual satisfaction generally means more happiness, more happiness makes happier places.