A Uterine Fibroid Tumor


Fibroids are usually small and uterine fibroid tumors are common. Many women can have these types of tumors without ever knowing it, as they usually remain small enough not to cause symptoms. If these become larger, than they can cause you to experience some symptoms that could interfere with your daily life.


Imagine my surprise when I went for my annual check-up and actually got up the nerve to mention that there had been some new difficulties. I’m not sure why, but like everyone else, I actually don’t like admitting things to my doctor. Which is just silly if you think about it; how are they suppose to help if they don’t know what’s wrong. So anyway, I finally got around to saying that having intercourse actually started to hurt. It was a deep pain in the pit of my lower belly and it was enough to make me not want to have sex. We had tried a few different positions but they were all pretty painful. My doctor told me that it wasn’t really all that uncommon and it sounded like a uterine fibroid tumor. When he told me that there were prescriptions that I could take to help shrink the tumor and ease the pain, I was ecstatic. Not to mention how happy my husband was when it worked and the pain went away allowing both of us to enjoy sex again.


I know that it’s somewhat embarrassing to mention stuff like this to anyone, but take my advice and brave it out. Getting enjoyment out of intercourse with the one you love is worth a few minutes of flush cheeks at the doctor’s office.