A Sore on the Corner of Your Mouth is Often Chelitis

If you have a sore in the corner of your mouth, usually in both sides, you may have Angular Chelitis. This condition is not fatal, nor is it contagious, however the legions in the corner of the mouth can be very uncomfortable. The lips split and ulcerate, often if feels like paper cuts at the corners of the mouth. The legions get crusty and have a whitish hue.

Often sufferers report it is brought on during a cold spell, or during the onset of winter, indicating a weakening of the immune system. This points to the fact that the fungal bacteria may become dormant, but always present. When the immune system weakens temporarily due to the sufferer failing to keep warm, the bacteria get a chance to flair up causing the symptoms.

Chelitis is also linked to a vitamin and mineral deficiency. Particularly a deficiency in iron, which can be found plentiful in red meat.

The typical way a doctor may approach Angular Chelitis is to offer a 1% hydro cortisone prescription. This ointment can also be bought over the counter. However, many sufferers report that this cream has little to no effect. The legions remain and people often give up on trying to cure their condition.

Angular Chelitis often goes away on it’s own, but without the ability to control the symptoms, a sufferer can get an attack 3 to 4 times a year, with some people tolerating the condition on an almost permanent basis. The legions are very difficult to disguise, being right on the face, they can be a source of embarrassment.