A Review Of The Diet Solution Program

Isabel is a nutrition and exercise specialist that has spent fifteen years developing a program to help people deal with excess weight. She has first hand experience with this problem since she was thirty pounds overweight at one point in her life and her mother has lived with diabetes for a number of years.

For the last ten years Isabel has been helping clients reach their ideal weight and tackle conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol she has created an eating program “The Diet Solution Program” that is easy to follow and will quickly become a life style that creates a continuous weight conservative way of living.

There have been many advances in the last few years regarding metabolism and weight conscious living and Isabel has incorporated the best of all the latest research. Her plan is a unique departure from many of the contemporary programs on the market these days and is being recommended by nutrition experts and leading sports doctors such as Dr. Eric Serrano. Another interesting attribute to this plan is that there is no associated work out program that is suggested which otherwise might put people off that are less likely to indulge in walking, running, aerobics or weight training etc.

Isabel offers a prescriptive plan designed to help you create your own program based on your specific metabolic type. Dr. Mercola has done extensive research on metabolic typing and how adapting your eating habits to your metabolic type can lead to weight loss and Isabel believes that many of our weight-related health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity and heart disease can be reversed by adopting a revolutionary change in the way we eat and drink and the way we live and turning it into a healthy lifestyle.

This is one of the few plans that I have found that is actually easy to follow and doesn’t make me feel like I am starving myself or putting unreasonable restrictions on my eating habits. OK so I can’t have a bag of chips and a beer every night but if you find the diet plan that lets you have those kinds of foods let me know how it works out for you…

I’m also noticing an improvement in my energy level. Where in the past I have had to kick myself out the door to walk for 30 minutes or grudgingly get down and do a couple of push ups and sit ups I now feel less lethargic and actually look forward to beating last weeks numbers, who would a’ thought.

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A review of Isabel De Los Rios’ Diet Solution Program by Aeron Grice