A Realistic Therapy For Depression

Your depression is a sign that you are sensitive. You understand that many things are not as you wish they were because the world is cruel, many life experiences are painful, and you do not know how to behave.

Depression has a healthy side because you are in a depressing world where terror, poverty, immorality, and many other horrors torture the human race. You should really be very sad because you are in such world.

As a matter of fact, those who indifferently try to be happy in a world where so many people are suffering are visibly sick.

Indifference to the human pain is a mental illness. Almost everyone on earth suffers from this mental illness because everyone inherits an absurd and evil anti-conscience.

We are so insensitive that we do not understand our own cruelty. We believe that our coldness is 'normal', while we are in fact disconnected with those who are around us. This is why we are so violent. We do not feel other people's pain.

What is the difference between a rational and an irrational animal if both are indifferent and violent?

Are we intelligent when we are indifferent, violent, and cruel?

When we are violent and insensitive, we are as idiotic as irrational animals.

You will clearly understand this fact when you will translate God's words in your dreams. You will pay attention to many other facts that today you disregard.
You will realize that you are nearer mental health when you are depressed than an indifferent person who is trying to be happy in a living hell, and following the lies of the commercial world.

The attempts of persuasion used by the commercial world make you believe that you should try to be happy no matter what, even though you are in a world where justice is merely a game, and you have numerous psychological, social, and existential problems.

The hypocritical world is giving you false knowledge and distorted information, besides camouflaging terror among frivolity and hypocrisy.

The meaning of your dreams will help you understand the truth about the world, the meaning of life, the meaning of death, and many other things that you can not imagine now that you are so ignorant.

Today you believe that you must respect scientists more than anyone else because you feel that they have the answers for all questions, but the truth is that the knowledge that the human race has today is not based on real facts. You must surpass your historical time thanks to the information you will find in your dreams.

We are underdeveloped primates. Our conscience is rudimentary. We have a huge wild conscience that remains in a primitive condition and has satanic characteristics. This means that we are mentally ill from birth.

We should stop admiring our intelligence and recognize our idiocy. The knowledge we have today is as incomplete and deficient as the knowledge of our ancestors.

Our mental disorders are not formed during our lives. They already exist in our psychological system. Our environment is not responsible for their existence, even though it can increase the effect of the absurdity imposed by our anti-conscience to our conscience. Our environment merely helps the demon existent into our anti-conscience control our mind and our behavior.

Our traumas and deceptions open the doors for our anti-conscience because they give it the chance to send us many absurd thoughts. The anti-conscience generates a mental illness within our conscience with its absurd reasoning.

You will have this vision by translating the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me.

Dream therapy is a depression therapy based on a mind empowerment method, which also works like spiritual purification. This therapy cures all your wounds, showing you how you can become a hero.