A Quiet Hairdryer

After spending many years hairdressing, haircutting and blow drying the hair, I am sure my hearing is not what it was. Deafness must be rife, not only within my industry but in other industries that produce “White noise”. If you know of any ways that I can reduce this background or white noise, please let me know.

I do not know what the exact figures are, but the decibel noise level of my professional hairdryer must be very high, as it omits a high whistling sound, this is because of the fan speed in the hairdryer, I have even been reduced to try and use ear plugs to block out the background noise or any high frequencies in a vain attempt to keep the hearing I have.

The noise of the hairdryer, together with the radio or cd players in the salon, and people chatting, create a white noise level that creates a wall of noise and must be damaging to my hearing.

I find that I now miss parts of conversations if there is any background noise. Over the years I have learned to compensate for my lack of hearing, when I talk to clients, I instinctively know when to nod in agreement, say, Oh in a far off way, or to give that quizzical look, it amazes me sometimes that a client thinks I can hear every word they are saying with all the noise that is created in the salon environment.

I am sure I am not on my own in the quest for a silent hairdryer, so if you have created a silent hairdryer or know of one please, please contact me with the details, as I would love to buy one.