A Psoriasis Treatment That Lasts Forever

There are many forms of treatment for Psoriasis, but none more relevant as in realizing what researchers are now saying, and what my dermatologist has been preaching to me for years… that the root of Psoriasis is a T-cell imbalance (immune system) and a build-up of toxins within your intestinal tract (mainly your colon walls) where parasites thrive. As a long time sufferer of Psoriasis, I had been looking for a Psoriasis Treatment most of my life and was successful on three separate occasions, one of which was accidental.

For the benefit of all who are afflicted by Psoriasis, I will briefly describe my episodes of a successful Psoriasis Treatment, although these were not permanent solutions or cures.

The first was back in 1974 when I had a bout with a pseudo-tumor (meaning false) on my left optic nerve. Although benign, when inflamed, it would cause excruciating pain. Long story short… to avoid the risk of surgery, I was treated with a fairly new drug on the market at the time called ‘prednisone’. I can tell you that in a matter of a few days, all of my Psoriasis had disappeared. Unfortunately, no one can remain on prednisone indefinitely, and not too long after I was off the drug, the Psoriasis came back double. Today, this drug is only used on extreme cases as a Psoriasis Treatment.

The second time, was in 1992 when I was taking huge doses (10,000 IUs) of beta-carotene per day. More on this in an upcoming article… and why.

The third time , was when I began my personal quest to cure my Psoriasis forever. After much research dating back to some 2000 years ago, when Psoriasis was thought to be leprosy, it occurred to me that there had to be more to Psoriasis than “we knew”. Now researches are discovering and generally confirming what I had suspected all this time… a combination of toxins (parasites), poor eating habits, and some kind of imbalance of the immune system (T-cells), which led me to my own logical deduction and method of a Psoriasis Treatment.

But before we go into the above in depth, lets explore the other forms of oral Psoriasis Treatment such as drugs since we now know that Psoriasis is an internal problem, and the external appearance just an expression of whats happening inside.

You should know that using drugs as a Psoriasis Treatment is foolish and completely unnecessary in my opinion. The side effects are so devastating that it’s simply not worth the risk. Did not the juice man cure his prostate cancer by returning to the source. Did not Dr. Fishbein cure his stage-4 brain tumor by returning to the source. Don’t you think that if you can do the latter… that you can do the same for Psoriasis?

The most commonly used ‘oral’ drugs as a treatment for Psoriasis are:

Prednisone, Methotrexate, Acitretin (Soriatane), and finally Cyclosporin (Neoral)

If you do your research on any of these drugs and pay attention to the possible side effects, I guarantee you’ll stay away. Thankfully, most people don’t take drugs for Psoriasis and stick to the all too expensive, band-aid solutions, such as cortisone based creams.

These creams (also known as topical treatments) shouldn’t even be categorized as a Psoriasis Treatment. What they are… are simply Psoriasis Itch Reliefs. They simply help in reducing the build-up of scales which cause unbearable itching, causing you to scratch until you bleed. I’ve tried most, be it Dovobet, Dermovate, Dovonex, Dithranol, and others, and they all give the same basic results after one to two applications per day. A very expensive, life-time band-aid solution, to treating Psoriasis.

I won’t even venture in ‘light therapy’ and ‘moisturizers’ and other relief forms as a Psoriasis Treatment, except to say that any tanning salon or a day in the hot sun, will give you the same results. Anybody who has Psoriasis knows that a little sweat from heat will loosen those scales almost immediately. But it is still temporary relief methods.

Now comes the truth about a serious Psoriasis Treatment… very simple, but requiring discipline.

And without embarking on a time machine to explain the connection between Psoriasis of some 2000 years ago and Psoriasis of today, I’ll just repeat what my dermatologist once said, “You weren’t born with Psoriasis and it isn’t hereditary, so go back to when you didn’t have it. He was referring to toxins in my system.

A true Psoriasis Treatment, which will cure you within 6 months to a year or maybe two, will require you to understand that your body is not a garbage disposal and must be cleansed and kept clean as much as possible. This can only be done through a proper diet which in turn will strengthen your immune system naturally, and restore the balance, while eliminating toxins on a daily basis. Parasites in your body, then and now, are the main causes of diseases.