A Positive Impact – Your Thinking Indigestion and Acid Reflux

Most people dismiss the power of positive thinking as something that only the

most deluded people believe in. The mind is a powerful tool and has incredible

control over and effect on the body. Positive thinking used in the right way and

at the right time can have huge benefits for people suffering from a great many

different medical conditions. Acid reflux is no different in this regard.

There are 9 individual steps in using positive thinking for yourself.

1. Clearly define a goal and purpose. In your case this will be acid reflux and

the symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. Never, ever have more than one goal

or purpose – it will only confuse matters for you. Choose a single goal and

stick to it.

2. Take a step back from the situation you are in and tell yourself what you need

to do. Using a gentle and confident tone tell yourself what you need to do to

reach your goal.

3. Give yourself advice in a way that you would give advice to a friend.

Reassure yourself and use common sense. Always follow your own best advice


4. Have belief in yourself and give yourself encouragement. Do not become overly

enthusiastic when doing so. Remain calm and sincere when encouraging yourself.

5. Provide yourself with reasons for reaching your goals. Always keep the

reasons why you need to overcome specific obstacles in the front of your mind.

Remind yourself of past successes so that you know you are making progress.

Remind yourself of your own strengths. Strong and positive reasons will be

enough to keep you motivated and give you the strength and determination to

reach the goal you have set yourself.

6. Aim for your favorite positive emotion. Be positive, cheerful and

enthusiastic. Having a loving attitude is one of the best to have as it can have

the most positive effect on you. Determination is another great emotion to use.

This will keep you moving forward even when you find yourself struggling.

7. Practice anti-negativity each day. This simply means to do what you can to

get rid of the negative, self-defeating thinking going on in your head. Attack

these negative thoughts with all your strength so that you can find a neutral

ground to make further progress from.

8. Keep the sentences and phrases you use short and simple. Make sure they are

directed at a specific action or bearing.

9. Repeat what works. As you develop positive thinking skills you will notice that

you use certain processes or activities more than others. Use them often and use

them well.

Does the power of positive thinking actually work? Some say it has no power at

all but how can you know without trying? Use the power of your mind to try and

overcome acid reflux and indigestion – what have you got to lose?