A Nowadays Hernia Repair: Laparoscopic Technique

While a defect in the muscle wall of the abdomen appears, parts of internal organs, especially intestines, are pushed through, developing hernia. The problem is caused either because of genetic factors or because mechanical ones such as heavy lifting. Hernia may occur in both men and women or children and adults. The main solution for hernia is surgery. We know three types of hernias. The first type is termed as reducible hernia. This is an uncomplicated form of hernia that does not cause discomfort. The other two levels of hernia complete the more complicated phases of this problem. Incarcerated hernia represents the case when intestines bulge become trapped. When to the bulge the blood stops pumping we have a strangulated hernia. This complication is not so often occurred because nowadays hernia is repaired early on.

Talking about inguinal hernias we have to say that it occurs because of a defect in the groin. Inguinal hernia is not the result of individual weakness. This form of hernia rather occurs at people that develop a physical work. Men are more prone to develop inguinal hernia at almost any age. The statistics show us that about 95 % of the people that need inguinal hernia repair are men.

We also know two other forms of hernia. Femoral hernia is named this way because of the organ that is next to. It occurs near the spot where femoral artery passes from the leg to the trunk of the body. Incisional hernia occurs elsewhere in the abdominal wall because of a scar or a previous incision.

About inguinal hernia people should know that it can be repaired with the help of an incision in the groin. This incision that measures 10 to 14 cm long will extend through muscle layers for the defect muscle to be isolated and closed. New techniques involve the usage of a mesh to patch the hernia.

Another known technique is the laparoscopic hernia repair. It does not involve a large skin and muscle cut but unwanted problems during the procedure may occur. The positive thing about this technique is the usage of a small incision and the decreased postoperative pain.

The laparoscopic operation consists of the incision of a laparoscope connected to a monitor. Two smaller incisions are done and then a patch of mesh is applied over the exposed defect. The mesh allows patients to leave hospital after only a few days permitting an immediate return to normal activities.

Even though it has a quick effect the laparoscopic technique involves a higher risk because surgeons are guided by what they see in the monitor and problems may anytime occur because of that.

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