A New Mom’s Guide to Baby Travel Bags


Probably one of the most surprising things about being a new mum is the amount of stuff you need to lug around just to leave the house with your new baby. It can be quite overwhelming juggling a crying baby, a giant pram, bottles, nappies and toys, not to mention all the smaller items like nappy pins, baby wipes and more. You could carry the contents of a baby supply store with you and still never have just what you need… But with the right baby travel bags, it will be a whole lot easier.

Just some of the things you will need to have on hand at all times:

– diapers

– wet wipes

– changes of clothing

– a warm blanket

– formula/bottles

– pacifiers

– breast pumps

– assorted toys and entertainment

– assorted odds and ends like nappy pins and baby powder

This is just a taste of some the baby bits and pieces that will need to accompany you everywhere you go with your baby.

Traveling with a baby can be even more stressful over long distances. There are just so many things your baby might need. Luckily, with some of the latest garment bags under your sleeve, you can be sure you can carry whatever baby needs, wherever you go.

Useful features to look out for when purchasing baby travel bags:

– Plenty of compartments: It’s not easy keeping track of all these bits and pieces that your baby might need. There’s nothing worse than needing a nappy pin or a dummy urgently and having to rummage through I gigantic pouch containing a hundred little accessories. Look for as many zipped compartments as possible in any baby travel bag you purchase.

– Wide shoulder straps: The wider the shoulder straps the more comfortable the bag. And all the baby accessories can weight a fair amount!

– Something that is easy to clean: you will be amazed at the way your baby bag will attract dirt and mess. Choose fabrics that can be wiped clean with a wet wipe. Even better if the baby bag can be washed on the hot cycle to keep it sterile inside and out.

– A bag that doesn’t need to be checked: With some of the more roomy diaper bags, you might have problems getting it into the overhead locker.

With so many wonderful bags to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Depending on how much traveling you intend on doing and your budget, you can find fantastic baby travel bags for under $100. At the cheapest end of the scale, diaper bags for under $10, at the top end, hundreds of dollars for the most fashionable versions.

There’s no need to look dowdy once you have a baby, you just need to look harder for practical yet fashionable designs at prices you can afford. The best choice for a baby bag is something unisex and understated, to encourage your partner to help carry the load.

With the right baby travel bag, traveling with baby can be the wonderful experience it should be!