A Natural Remedy For Anxiety Relief

 Anxiety  often consists of worry and fear, with many people experiencing physical signs such as chest pains or nausea. This is a complex emotion composed of a number of varying problems. Some problems involve thought processes that force the body into preparing itself to deal with external threats. The heart rate will speed up increasing blood pressure. Elevated levels of blood will now be sent to various muscles in the body. At the same time, the digestive system functions will slow down.

Uncertainty, intense fear, uneasiness, or apprehensions of a real or imagined future event are all states of  anxiety . Everyone knows the effects  anxiety  and stress can have on ones state of well-being.

 Anxiety  can be mentally and physically devastating. Depending on the perceived threat,  anxiety  is usually categorized as separation  anxiety , social  anxiety , performance  anxiety , relationship  anxiety , and many others.  Anxiety  often causes stress and stress often causes  anxiety  and therefore goes hand in hand.

There are several anti-anxiety treatments for overcoming  anxiety .  Anxiety  medications that work for some don’t always work for others. Some people try more natural cures for  anxiety  management. Included in these are herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, hypnosis and even aromatherapy has proven to be beneficial for overcoming  anxiety .

L-Theanine is a little known, unique form of amino acid which is found in the green tea plant. Drinkers of green tea often report a feeling of calmness after a cup or two of tea. This calmness is due to a high content of L-Theanine.

With no known downside green tea studies have shown a reduction of  anxiety  symptoms and an increase of concentration, immune system build up, learning performance improvement, decrease in blood pressure, and brain dopamine levels increased, and other positive benefits.

Based on toxicology studies and its historical use as a component of tea, L-Theanine is considered to be safe. After water, tea is consumed the most worldwide, and has been by billions of people for thousands of years. A heavy tea drinker, who drinks between six and eight cups daily, will ingest between 200 and 400 mg of L-Theanine.

While the dosage for stress,  anxiety  and depression remain individual, a recommended dosage for  anxiety  relief would be 100 to 200 mg taken one to three times daily. Clinical studies have shown that L-Theanine in some individuals is effective with a single dosage of between 50 to 200 mg. This suggests that people with a higher level of  anxiety  should take a larger dose between 100 and 200 mg for overcoming stress or  anxiety .