A Must Read For Metal Detecting Newbies

Metal detecting is an excellent hobby and pastime for the whole family. But before you proceed any further, selecting the right detector is probably the most important thing to do. But now you ask, how would I know which one is the right one?

Ok, this is what the article is catering for. Before we dig deep into the issue, lets us talk about the types of metal detectors available. There are many different types of detectors; some are more complicated than others. The basic ones are easy to get used to, with less features and buttons. Turn it on and off you go! You can’t get around practice though, and the more complicated the detector, the more practice you will need.

Firstly, land or relic detectors are used mainly on land or in the woods, playgrounds, parks, etc. They can be used at the water edge and even in the water a couple of inches, most coils are waterproof, but don’t drop your whole detector in the water, you wouldn’t want to know what would happen after that.

Ok, maybe you’re close to the ocean or lakes, and are thinking of jumping in the water with your of metal detectors to find out what was lost there? If finding jewelery is your thing then a waterproof detector is a must. To make it simple, there are two basic categories of underwater detectors: A VLF – that can discriminate against iron and unwanted junk, and there is a PI – that can detect deeper then a VLF but you’ll be digging every nail and bottle cap without knowing it. Test them out, some people just prefer VLF, but some rather go for PI, there is no fine line for this.

After deciding whether you are land hunters, beach hunters, or sea diving hunters, now it is time to decide your detector. For land and relic detecting beginners, here are the most popular and affordable metal detectors. The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Minelab Musketeer, Whites Prizm II, and the Garret Ace 250.

For beach hunting beginners, I would recommend Minelab Excalibur 1000, Fisher CZ 20 for VLF’s . For PI’s : take Whites Surf Master PI Pro, or Headhunter Pules. For diving detecting beginners, I would say a Hookah unit or Tesoro Stingray.

Oh wait, another valuable tip for you guys is: take some time to surf the net for detectors reviews, detectors review are extremely beneficial and helpful towards your decision.