A Little Sleeping Mist Can Go a Long Way


Do you remember walking into your mother's kitchen after school as a child to the fresh and welcoming aroma of cookies baking in the oven? Did you used to spend hours lying on the ground in the summer, taking in the wonderful scent of the freshly mowed grass? Does the smell of a man's robust cologne titillate your senses and draw you further towards him? We might not always realize it, but our little noses help us connect to a particular place, time or feeling. For this reason, aromatherapy has grown quite popular over the years.

But what if you considered thinking of wonderful scents from the subconscious perspective, rather than smelling things knowingly all day long? So, you've worked hard at your job from nine to five, you come home to a house full of hungry people, things are in complete disarray, and lastly, dishes are in the sink. You certainly feel exhausted, but you know you will have a heck of a time trying to fall sleep as you always do. Stress rears its ugly head, and all you can think about is getting cozy in your pajamas, and lying on that comfortable bed.

Once you get under the covers, you stare at the ceiling for at least twenty minutes, waiting for all of the smoke to clear from your chaotic life. You breathe in the air in room, and feel absolutely nothing. But, that is the problem. There is nothing to help your body relax enough to allow you to doze off into a deep slumber.

Then you remember that bottle of lavender sleeping mist in the nightstand. You gently spritz this pleasantly soft aroma around the room, and let it hit the pillow and bed linens. As you lie back down, you roll over on your side, and inhale a whole world of goodness that soothes every part of your body. This scent is so familiar to you, reminding you of memories of your youth.

Lavender comforts you, and you turn on the other side to begin all over again. And, before you know it, rapid eye movement has set in, and the journey towards a restful night is accomplished. You absolutely can not wait to try green apple vanilla tomorrow, and be immersed into another wonderfully pleasant atmosphere. Soon enough, this becomes a healthy pattern for your body, and you look forward to nighttime, and letting your mind and body truly rest.

Your nose knows, and the sense of smell is directly connected to the nerve center, which of course is controlled by that big ol 'brain of yours. The reason that a sleeping mist is so powerful, and works every time, is because the smells are extremely comfortable, putting your body in an immediate state of rest. Without any strenuous activity or thoughts, the brain is signaled to turn off, which then lets the rest of your body cease major work, except for the cleansing process it naturally does during the night. I bet you never imagined that the science of sleep and the key to ending insomnia rested upon such gentle aromas.