A List of Toe Nail Fungus Home Remedies

If left untreated, toe nail fungi may spread to other parts of the body, as well as lead to other painful complications. One may be experiencing a lot of pain while walking, and in worse cases, surgical removal is needed. In order to avoid this, immediate treatment must be applied. There are a lot of toe nail fungus home remedies that one can apply in order to treat this. The most effective are the following:

1. Apple and Vinegar – Using water with natural apple cider vinegar and soaking one’s toenails on it is one good toe nail fungus home remedy. One has to do this everyday at least 15 to 20 minutes a day for positive results to be seen. This might take weeks or even months to see the results.

2. Mouthwash – Another toe nail fungus home remedy is soaking in Listerine mouthwash. Listerine is a great antiseptic that can cure and prevent the growth of toe nail fungi.

3. Oil – Tea tree oil is nature’s powerful fungicide that will help contain the toe nail fungi. To do this, one has to apply pure tea tree oil to the toe nail that is affected. Also, one has to do this everyday. Other possible combinations with tea tree oil are lavender oil and olive oil. Together these combinations can fight the infection more effectively and prevent skin irritation.

4. Creams – AHA cream, or Alpha Hydroxyl creams one of the toe nail fungus home remedies. This can help remove the scaly skin on one’s feet. These scales are more prone to toe nail fungi infection. Also, one has to do this ritual everyday, before bedtime is the most recommended time.

5. Herbs – A lot people have recommended oregano oil as another one of the effective toe nail fungus home remedies. This is mixed with olive oil and must be applied on the affected toenail for a maximum of 3 weeks only. Oregano oil has been proven as an effective, analgesic, fungicide, as well as antibiotic.

6. Epsom Salt Solution – An Epsom salt solution is one good treatment. One has to soak the infected toe/s in the solution everyday.

7. Vicks – Applying Vick vapor rub on the affected area is recommended by a lot people since this alleviates the infection as well as cures it. The same problem is that it will take some time but it really works in a lot of people already.

The common denominator of these toe nail fungus home remedies is that one needs to have a lot of patience since these treatments have to be religiously followed every day for a long duration of time. Another possible home remedy is using all natural medication such as Zetaclear which contains all of the above-mentioned key ingredients in curing toe nail fungi.

Whatever toe nail fungus home remedy you might opt to, you must also do preventive measures in order to prevent further damage. This includes wearing more comfortable footwear, avoiding going barefoot in moist public places, and not sharing towels other people. With these as well as a good home remedy practice, the toe nail fungi will be cured in no time.