A Kennel Cough Natural Remedy – Top 7 Benefits of Homeopathic Remedies for Kennel Cough

A kennel cough natural remedy using a holistic, herbal treatment has many benefits over traditional veterinarian medicines and chemicals. Homeopathic remedies for kennel cough have been around for centuries of years, and recently became more accepted by some Veterinarians and pet experts. Let's look at 7 major benefits a natural, homeopathic remedy can provide your ailing pet.

  • No negative side effects – Sometimes, the "cure" your veterinarian prescribes ends up having a devastating side effect that is far worse than your pet's symptoms! Homeopathic remedies for kennel cough are all natural, so they have zero negative side effects for your cat or dog.
  • Fast-acting – Most traditional vet medicines require a long time to take effect, usually at least 30 days. Then, there is always the chance the first try does not cure your pet's dry hacking cough and sore throat. Then you have to start all over with another "best-guess" treatment. A kennel cough natural remedy contains the herbs and plants wild animals eat to regulate themselves, and work in as little as one week, with some customers showing immediate improvement in their pets.
  • Safe on puppies, kittens and older cats and dogs – Unfortunately, some kennel cough remedies your vet tries can be too toxic and powerful for young pets, older cats and dogs, or extremely weak animals. A natural remedy for kennel cough is safe for all ages and health levels, and can even work for cats as well as dogs.
  • Inexpensive – A veterinarian can wind up costing you several hundred dollars, while a kennel cough natural remedy will set you back about the price of a large bag of dry food.
  • Non-invasive – no shots, just pop a small dose in your pet's mouth – You do not have to stand helplessly while your cat or dog is shot, manhandled and poked by strangers. Applying a homeopathic remedy is as easy as putting a small amount in your pet's mouth. That's it. This can be done in the familiarity of your home, garnishing you no looks of disapproval or distrust from your pet like you get when you return from a vet visit.
  • Boosts overall health through immune system, not just treating the cough – Homeopathic remedies for kennel cough act immediately by boosting the immune system. These herbs and natural minerals treat your pet's sore throat, dry hacking cough and upper respiratory problems, but also ramp up overall health by strengthening the immune system.
  • Saves your time and frustration – No more scheduling Vet appointments, spending time in waiting rooms, and making return trips. A few seconds a day to give your pet its natural, homeopathic remedy and you are done.

Imagine the joy and sense of well-being you and your pet will share when you use a kennel cough natural remedy to alleviate coughing, sore throat and other high respiratory ailments.