A Healthy Menstrual Cycle And Endometriosis

Every woman has a menstrual cycle once a month whether they like it or not. A healthy woman might not realize she has endometriosis until she wants to become pregnant. One symptom, though, is severe periods that can actually put a woman down in bed for days because of the pain. No matter if she drinks those hot toddies mom makes, a heating pad or pain pills the pain can stop you in your tracks. It is a medical malady that can start as early as a young lady starts her periods. It is when the cells come and grow outside of the uterus; it can be found in one ovary or both.

Endometriosis will become more severe with time, as the woman gets older and has more periods, she will have more cysts develop and sometimes surgery is required. It will show up during the child bearing years and can be found in the first period a girl has. Symptoms vary from female to female and the most common complaint is pelvic pain when having a period. Many mothers think that their daughter is just having bad periods but it could be something much more severe so please take them to the doctor and let them run tests to find out.

The pain of endometriosis is bad, there is no doubt about it. It can start as leg pain and work itself up to lumbar region. Some doctors will tell you that endometriosis does not really start until the girl has had about a year of periods and then the symptoms start to get worse every year or possibly every month. I had endometriosis and had to have a hysterectomy in my late twenties, so please have your daughters checked out before this happens. Although some women have no pain or little pain it is still wise to get to the doctor if she feels anything is wrong. Women know their bodies and when something is wrong it should be checked out, even it ends up being nothing.

When a woman has extreme pain while having sexual intercourse she might have endometriosis and needs to have her doctor run some tests. Having endometriosis can cause a woman from being able to have children. If caught early she might have a better chance of conceiving. Many women will have pain in their legs that with each period it seems to get worse. Or going to the bathroom to urinate is painful and sometimes she just can not go. Some say the blood clots is the problem and if a woman has a baby or two this will go away, they are very wrong. A woman that has endometriosis will have endometriosis all of her life until she does something about it. It can be life threatening if not taken care of. So please if any woman that reads this is in a lot of pain while she is having her periods, seek out medical help immediately.