A Healthier Heart Through Ayurveda

The current life-cycle of a normal human being is filled with numerous circumstances that have an adverse effect on the overall health of the individual. Day-in day-out, people are putting their body on the line to get ahead in this mad-race. As long as one is, in reality, not in a profession of being a daredevil, such high exertion for the mind and the body is totally uncalled for.

In-case on is facing troubled times in making a synchronized relationship between work and a healthy body, performance at work will always be adversely affected. If an individual is suffering from a health condition, then the repercussions lay heavy on the mind as he may experience difficulty in achieving the set goals, both professionally as well as personally. Topping the list of priorities for optimum conditioning is the human-heart; damage to the same can severely cripple an individual, preventing him from performing different tasks effectively.

Few factors which always affect the normal functioning of the heart are: –

• High blood pressure
• Excess body weight
• Smoking
• Lack of physical activity and exercise
• High blood cholesterol
• Diabetes
• Fatty foods
• Excess salt intake
• Undue stress

There are several ways to achieve a healthy heart and a stress-free life. A person, through a positive outlook on life, can make some beneficial changes in his lifestyle. A regular as well as a healthy diet can definitely boost the physical and mental energy. Physical condition through yoga and exercise also helps in overcoming the regular stress we put our bodies through. This also helps in controlling body weight, improving blood sugar, decreasing the density of lipoprotein in the body. One other habit that is a major health concern among millions today is smoking. By quitting smoking, one can ensure a much improved health along with a hold-up on the consumption of liquor.

Ayurveda is highly reliable and offers effective natural herbs and potent supplements proven to be an amazing remedy for all types of heart ailments. Ayurveda basically aims at striking the source of the disease, so that healing could be done from the core itself. Exercises like panchakarma, pranayama, aroma massages and yoga, too are recommended for a healthy heart and body. Also Ayurvedic herbs like arjuna, ginger and tulsi can be consumed to initiate the process of healing. One of the most valuable products of Ayurveda is ArterCare, which is an effective herbal supplement, has proven to help maintain a healthy heart and vascular functions naturally. Consisting of the superb herbal ingredients, this amazing Ayurvedic supplement helps regulating lipid metabolism by increasing the protective HDL-cholesterol while lowering the bad LDL-cholesterol. ArterCare helps to support and promote healthy heart muscle energy, normal oxygen utilization and healthy arterial circulation functions naturally.

For a healthy heart and a better life, trust Ayurveda to rid you of all your heart-related problems.