A Guide to Buying the Best Spearguns

Among the many extreme sports that became popular over the years, spearfishing is one of those that quickly rose to the top of the heap. The challenge of being able to catch elusive game fish with the use of sophisticated equipment like spear guns at considerable depth is one that never fails to amaze those who are into the sport and spearfishing spectators as well.

Spearfishing has actually been around for millennia, it was once the only way fishermen caught fish, using crude weapons like hand-made spears with sharp iron tips or long sticks with sharpened tips. They did this with excellent hand and eye coordination and just by standing in shallow waters. These days, however, the advent of technology has paved the way for more sophisticated equipment and techniques that are designed to adapt to varying aquatic conditions and different species of target fish.

To be a spearfishing success, you have to master the art of one-breath diving and be physically fit to withstand hours of being submerged in cold waters, coping with strong tides and rough seas. You must also own not just the absolute essential spearfishing gear but the best spearfishing gear there is. But if you possess a moderate budget, it may not be possible to get the best and you may have to settle instead for second-best or used equipment.

This does not have to be the case, however. There is always a way to find the best spearguns for sale and ones that are not mediocre in quality and function. Expensive does not always mean the best because all modern spearguns available in the market today will serve you in good stead as long as you know how to take care of them. But the first step to getting the best spearguns is to know what type you like. There are two types that are most-used and most recommended by expert spearos: the elastic-powered and pneumatic-powered spear guns. Examine and explore each type when you go online to do your research and see which one you're more comfortable with. The spear gun works just like an air rifle except that you load and use it under water.

Also, most spearos will tell you that long guns are advisable because they are easier to control under water and because they are heavier, can not be swept off course easily but this will depend on where you want to go spearfishing. If you are going reef and wreck spearfishing, a gun that is somewhere under 52 inches is recommended and if you are going blue water spearfishing, a gun around 56 inches or higher and powered with 3 or more bands is recommended.

Next, try to read books about spearfishing so you can get a feel of what it's like to be out there at sea and also to help you understand what you're getting into. You can also join spearfishing forums online and be able to communicate with other aspiring spearfishing enthusiasts and experts. Ask them questions and get their expert advice on what type of spearguns are best to get at a budget.

This is one time you can best use the power of comparison shopping. Compare speargun prices online and check out the reviews and testimonials posted on the site so you'll know how each product rates and be able to make informed decisions. You can also check various diving shops for ongoing discounts, promotions or sales.