A Glance at Cerebral Palsy Etiology

 Cerebral   Palsy  is a neurological disorder which occurs due to various causes. The information explained on this article gives you the various risk factors which results in this disorder. It is very important to know the  cerebral   palsy  etiology because a prior knowledge of this would help in preventing the disorder from occurring. Hyperthyroidism which is also known as maternal diabetes is one of the causes of  cerebral   palsy . High blood pressure at the time of pregnancy would also result in this disorder. Poor nutrition during maternity and premature dilation is also the etiologies of  cerebral   palsy . Premature dilation in fact results in premature delivery hence chances of occurrence of CP is very high. A maternal bleeding may also cause this disorder in newborn. Maternal bleeding occurs due to cervix dilation or due to premature isolation of placenta. Hence all in all a pregnant woman must undergo frequent checkups at the time of maternity in order avoid such problems.

There are delivery factors which are considered to be  cerebral   palsy  etiology. The factors cover persistent rupture of amniotic membranes. Suppose amniotic membranes are ruptured above 24 hours of time then it leads to fetal infections which in fact give rise to CP in newborns. Fetal distress caused due to extremely low fetal heart rate while labor also might cause this disorder. There are certain neonatal factors which also can be considered as causes of  cerebral   palsy . Premature birth is more likely to result in brain damage in the newborn. This gives rise to CP. Asphyxia is another type of neonatal risk factors which results in oxygen insufficiency which causes very poor blood flow in infant’s brain. The unusual electrical activity results in seizures. As a result child suffers from  cerebral   palsy . These causes can be prevented by constantly monitoring the blood pressure level, sugar level etc at the time of maternity.

An oxygen deficiency for any more than a minute can kill an unborn child, though most will survive for longer with limited air supply. The damages this causes, however, can be traumatic, and are the number one cause of CP and other mental and physical problems, including ADHD, learning disabilities, hypoxia, fibromyalgia, and more. Because of this, it is important to seek legal counsel should your child be diagnosed with any of these serious problems early in life. It is often estimated that a physically debilitated child costs more than twenty times as much to raise, and if the hospital is at fault, they should be required to help pay for care.