A Few Ways You Can Get Food Poisoning

Do you know how you can get food poisoning? It is when you don’t cook meat it all the way through or when you don’t wash you hands good or at all. It can happen when the meat is not good or if it is not cooled down enough and if you use the same knife from different kinds of meat. Food poisoning can come from many things, especially if you don’t clean things off well. You can even get it from fast food places.

When you don’t cook your meat well enough it can make you sick, and you can end up in the hospital. Meats like chicken and pork are two things that need to be cooked thoroughly because it can also give you salmonella poisoning. All types of meat can give you food poisoning when it is not cooked right. When you get it, it will tear up your stomach, and you will burp up the taste of egg. It is very nasty!

If you don’t wash you hands the bacteria from them will get on the meat, and it can give you food poisoning. It is very important to clean your hands before and after you touch anything. If you touch all different types of meat and do not wash your hands, it will get on the other meat, and it will make you sick. If you do not wash them well, you will still have some bacteria on your hands.

If you eat leftovers you can still get it, especially if you keep on heating it up. After you heat it up once you need to throw it away. You should not leave out leftovers out for too long. Meat will become bad due to it being left out too long or getting freezer burn. If you pay for meat at the store you need to make sure it is good because you can get one that is spoiled, and you won’t know it until you eat it or when you smell it.

You need to let it cool down so you know that it is cooked right. You also need to have the meat cool down before you even think about putting it in the refrigerator because it can get bacteria in it over night. If this happens and you eat it you will get food poisoning.

If you use a knife on one meat and then on another it will spread the bacteria. If you use it to cut up some vegetables and you already used it in meat you also can get it that way. Like I said, it can come from anywhere.