A Few of the Benefits of Home Cold Sore Remedies

Pharmacy and prescribed treatments for cold sores focus on relieving symptoms and reducing the period of the virus. Simple cold sore remedies found in the home attempt to treat any weakness in the immune system or providing relief from the symptoms. Home remedies treat the whole body so that it is strong enough to fight any illnesses which may attack.

Home remedies are in easy reach when this first signs, tingling or burning, of the disease, are felt. Applying ice to the area can make healing time of blisters shorter and ice can also take away some of the pain. Milk and cool used teabags can have a similar anesthetic effect.

Eating a diet rich in vitamins C, B and zinc or boosting your diet with supplements will make your body more able to fight viruses. Vitamins C, B and zinc strengthen the immune system and aid overall health. With a stronger immune system cold sores are less to attack.

Cold sores can be triggered by stress so finding ways to reduce stress levels in your life can prevent them from erupting. There are many ways to reduce your stress like yoga or meditation. Not only will you eliminate the disease trigger but your general sense of well-being will improve.

Red meat, cheese, eggs, and fish are some of the foods where the amino acid lysine is found. Lysine promotes proteins for building the immune system, supporting the fight against viruses like herpes simplex. Other supplements which not only increase the immune systems strength but help to fight the disease are Echinacea and St John’s Wort.

Topical creams are the most frequently used medicines when treating the disease outbreaks. They can be purchased over the counter at pharmacies. When applied to the site of blisters at regular intervals each day they can reduce the painfulness of the disease blisters. If they are used before the outbreak emerges, they can reduce the healing time or length of outbreaks.

Prescription medication for cold sore treatment should be used after consultation with your doctor. If taken every day they may keep the cold sore virus dormant resulting in limited or no outbreaks. If taken at the first onset of an attack they can lessen its severity and length.

Cold sore remedies which are found in the home or vitamin supplements treat not only the disease itself but also improve your general health. Home remedies aim at preventing viral outbreaks rather than just treating the symptoms by strengthening your immune system. Medicines used to combat the disease tend to treat symptoms and have limited use for your general health.