A Few Advice to Someone Who Stutters on Stuttering Therapies

Over the years, I have attended many support groups for stutterers, and I even helped to run some of them. One thing that I have noticed about the stutterers was that after trying a few stuttering therapies to correct the problem without success, they eventually lose hope of ever speaking more fluently. After a while, some of them do not want to try to do anything to correct this disorder. There is one thing that is much worse than failing. It is not doing anything at all!

If you have spent money on some of those stuttering therapies that have failed, you have done yourself a favor. At least, you presently know what does not work for you. You are ahead of someone who does not try anything at all. Based on all those failures, you may make one distinction or two in the future that may put you on the right path to speech improvement. From my own experiences, I will tell you that I never regret spending thousands of dollars on different doctors and programs. Without spending money on different things in order to correct this disorder, I would have never found alternative medicine tools that do work.

Please try different stuttering therapies and programs. Do spend money on them! Every dollar that is spent on speech improvement is worth it even if you fail! This is the only way to find out what works and what does not. Asking people around may not always be a good idea. What works for one person may not work for another. It does not really matter if you spend money on this program or on something else. PLEASE DO SOMETHING THOUGH TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM NOW! You need to ask yourself one question. WHAT WILL IT COST ME IF I DO NOT CORRECT MY PROBLEM NOW? Well, if you do not know the answer to this question right away, I got a full answer for you.

1) LOSS OF EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES- Please open your local newspaper and look at the job classified section. You will see that more than 80% of the job openings in your town require you to have great communication skills. What is even worse is that many employers who offer only low-paying jobs are asking you to have some oral skills presently. How are you going to get that job? Unfortunately, we live in a very competitive environment where good jobs are scarce. We would have to compete for those jobs with fluent speakers who are just as qualified as you are for them. Who do you think is going to come out as a winner and be hired? A fluent speaker is likely to be hired even if you are more qualified than he or she is for a job. Stutterers face job discrimination every day. There are many scientific studies that indicate it. I decided to post only a small number of studies here.

Opp, K.L., Hayden, P.A., & Cottrell, G.T., in Stuttering and Employment: A survey report, Annual Convention of the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association, Boston, MA (1997) have done a large number of surveys among people who stutter. The results were astonishing. By the way, the severity of stuttering did not seem to matter.

These surveys reported that people who stutter have high rates of unemployment, discrimination in attaining employment, and the lack of promotions because of the fact that they stutter.

Perhaps, the most alarming studies were scientific studies that were done in 1983. According to all subsequent scientific studies, it is doubtful that things have changed for the better today.

Hurst, M.I. & Cooper, E.B., Employer attitudes toward stuttering, Journal of Fluency Disorders, B, 1-12 (1983) surveyed a large number of employers. Amazingly, 85% of all employers who answered those surveys stated that stuttering decreases a person’s employability and opportunities to be promoted on a job.

Hurst, M.I. & Cooper, E.B., were so intrigued by these findings that they conducted another scientific study. The results can be found in Vocational rehabilitation counselors’ attitudes toward stuttering, Journal of Fluency Disorders, 8, 13-27 (1983). Vocational rehabilitation counselors who participated in this study all agreed that stuttering was vocationally handicapping.

2) LOSS OF EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES- If you are still going to college, you may do your best to avoid speaking in class. Although it is not always possible, you may try dropping or switching classes in order to avoid making speech presentations in the front of your class. However, if you decide to continue with your education and go on to a graduate, business, law, or medical school, you would not be able to avoid speaking in class. Why not? Your grade in that class will be based on making speech presentations or just answering questions correctly when you are being called on. How are you going to handle all of this speaking out when the majority of people who stutter cannot even handle speaking one on one?

3) POOR SOCIAL LIFE- Your dating opportunities may be very limited because of your stuttering. You want to ask a person of your dreams out. However, you are afraid that when you come up to that person, you will make a fool of yourself when nothing will come out of your mouth or when you will be blocking severely on every single word. Then, you simply do not try anything at all and allow that person to slip away. Eventually, you will find yourself without a partner that you always wanted to have in your life, and you will be in pain. Moreover, you cannot even take advantage of some of that fun stuff out there that your fluent friends are taking advantage of. You do not join political associations, sporting events, or social clubs because they may require you to do the speaking out.

4) LACK OF MATERIAL THINGS- We live in a very financially driven society. Yet, many of us do not feel comfortable talking about having more money or things. Let’s face it. You have been put on this planet for a limited period of time, and you need to make your life the best possible experience it can be. This includes having material things that you enjoy. Unfortunately, many of us do not have even a basic comfort in life. Because of our stuttering, we may not be able to get well-paying jobs that will allow us to have a lifestyle that we truly deserve. As we get older, our dreams of having things that we always wanted to have simply die out. Life becomes one miserable experience indeed.

5) EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE- On the top, you will have to go through life always being afraid of speaking to others. You will have panic attacks that will never end, anxiety that will never stop torturing you, nervous break downs after having to go through constant and never-ending stress that is associated with speaking out, feelings of helplessness because you do not know what to do to make things better, feelings of hopelessness because you do not think that things can get better, and depression because things always stay the same way they have been before. All these emotions and feelings will cause you to have a very unhappy life that you may never be able to enjoy.

Of course, there are many more reasons to do something about your stuttering RIGHT NOW, which I did not even mention above. PLEASE DO NOT LET TOO MUCH TIME PASS YOU BY WITHOUT CORRECTING YOUR SPEECH! The time that you waste on stuttering will be a regretful one. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of, so many things to experience, and so many things to enjoy when you are speaking fluently. LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ENJOYABLE JOURNEY AND NOT A PAINFUL ONE. If you do not know what to do, let me help you figure this out.

If you tried several stuttering therapies without success, there are only two ways left to deal with this problem. I know that this may not be something that you are ready or you want to hear at this point of your life. The first way can be using a combination of different conventional medicines to deal with this problem. This is a very expensive way to deal with stuttering. Once again, this knowledge is coming from my own experiences in dealing with different medical doctors and their medicines. Using this way to correct stuttering will cost you a lot financially, and it will cost you even more when it comes to your health. All conventional medicines have long term side effects that are very serious. Even short term side effects may well be unbearable for the majority of people who try medications. The second and the last way to deal effectively with this problem is to use different alternative medicine tools in combination to try to address every symptom of stuttering. This is indeed a better way to approach this disorder. It is certainly cheaper to use alternative medicine tools than it is to use conventional medicines, and there are virtually no side effects.

Instead of trying stuttering therapies, try alternative medicine therapies first! I know you will find out they will change your life.