A Day in the Life of a Veterinary Technician Working in a Clinic

The veterinary clinic is the one place that most people associate a veterinary technician working in. This position is one of many vet tech jobs that many of the credentialed veterinary technicians have to choose from and is the most popular one. The vet technician training does not always teach the student how to handle stressful situations. This can cause a problem for a new vet tech when they were not expecting to have to handle these types of situations during the course of their work day. When the first time there is a day that does not go quite right, this individual may be surprised. This veterinary tech working in a clinic environment will perform many duties during the course of a day and not every day will go as scheduled.

When the morning started off very calm and everything went as scheduled and then, in the afternoon, it suddenly becomes quite bizarre with one emergency after another, the stress began. The first incident began the afternoon at the front desk when everyone wanted to be checked in or out at the same time, the next in an exam room where the animal was very scared and crying and screaming at the same time, and the next in the surgery room when the animal was bleeding profusely and efforts to stop it were not working. This can make for a highly stressful day and at the end of it the new vet tech can not wait to leave.

Then, at 5:00 PM, a pet owner comes running in holding their very sick little dog. So, this day will be not only stressful, but extra long. This may make the vet tech wonder if the veterinary tech salary is worth the stress. During this day, the vet tech has given injections, taken x-rays, assisted at the front desk by answering the phone and scheduling appointments and checking patients in and out of the clinic, stitched up large gashes on a cat that was attached by a wild coyote, restrained an animal that was very afraid of the large veterinarian when he came in the room to exam him, and worked overtime to calm down an emotional pet owner and take care of her sick pet. After a calm morning, and a stressful and long afternoon, the day ended on a good note when the vet tech was able use the knowledge he learned at the vet technician school to diagnose and treat the last patient of the day and send the pet home with the emotional pet owner calmed down and very appreciative. This is what makes the vet tech realize why they went into this profession, for the care they can give to the animals that come into the clinic and for the gratification it can bring back to them.