A Comparison of Hernia Hospitals in North America

The best places to go for hernia repair are dedicated hernia hospitals.  This is because hernia repair is a complex surgery for which a surgeon can never have enough experience. No general surgeon can offer success rates as high as dedicated hernia surgeons.

However, to go to a dedicated hernia hospital, you will have to travel.  Here is a list of places in North America that you can go to for hernia repair.

North Penn Hernia Institute, Lansdale Pennsylvania

This hernia institutes is located about a hour’s drive northeast of Philadelphia, or two hours southwest of New York. 

North Penn Institute offers many advantages over typical hospitals.  Their surgeons are extremely experienced with hernia procedures, and so they are comfortable with complex or unusual hernia repairs.  This makes them more likely to be successful repairing femoral, umbilical, or relapsed hernias.  They are also comfortable doing all these surgeries with local anaesthetic.  This improves your recovery time and greatly reduces the illness and discomfort of the surgery.

Shouldice Hernia Hospital, Toronto

Shoudice Hernia Hospital is the world standard for hernia repair.  They offer all the advantages of other hernia treatment hospital.  However, Shouldice offers additional advantages.

While other hernia surgeons repair the cavity wall breach by inserting a plastic mesh, Shouldice surgeons rebuild the cavity wall organically.  This is like the difference between duct taping over a hole, and arc-welding it shut.  It massively decreases the chances of a hernia relapse.

Shouldice hospital is in Canada.  Canadian health care is doing more with less.  Due to generic drugs and government initiatives, the average cost of a private hospital stay in Canada is half of what it is in the United States.  The mortality rate of Canadian surgeries and hospital stays is lower than in the United States.  The success rate of health care is about the same.  At the average Canadian hospital, you will receive the same or slightly better care than at the average American hospital.

However, Shouldice is above-average, so you will get even more benefits by going there.  The only disadvantage is that Toronto is not anyone’s dream vacation destination.  If possible, try to schedule your surgery outside of the months of December and January so you can actually get outside and see the city.

Hernia Center of Texas, Houston

If you’re looking for a medical destination that is also a vacation, then you can look into the Hernia Center of Texas.  Like Shouldice and North Penn, they are a dedicated clinic that can operate on any type of hernia using only local anaesthetic.  Their staff are also comfortable offering tension-free solutions, so that you can return to normal physical activity as soon as possible.

Midwest Hernia Center, Minnesota (2 locations)

The Midwest Hernia Center was founded specifically to offer top-quality hernia repair to those who don’t want to travel to Canada, Texas, or the East Coast.  The Midwest Hernia Center is the largest center in the flyover states.  They have several experienced surgeons, and offer comparable success rates to Houston or North Penn.  If you can’t afford to travel very far, this is a good option.

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