A Cognac Love Potion

Do you need some help with adding those notches on your belt?

Are you scoring less and being rejected more?

Has your sexual performance has declined?

If you want to heighten your performance (pun intended), eating the right foods might be your answer.

Certain foods enhance sensual pleasure, stimulate glands, and elevate sexual performance. foods, and you’ll be sure to reap many rewards!

But, foods are not an “instant” fix. So a few days before a planned rendezvous, eat the right

When it comes to sex – it’s all about pleasure! And, these foods will wake up your taste buds and heighten your libido (pun intended)!

Sexy Grapes:

Grapes are food that can initiate great ‘play’ times. Like fine wines, grapes ease tension and promote relaxed feelings. Feeding grapes to your lover is not only sensual, but a sexually stimulating activity. But, please, seedless grapes are best, because spitting out grape seeds can, definitely, hamper the mood!

Invigorating Avocados:

If lubrication is a concern, avocados actually increase female lubrication, and are full of energizing vitamins and minerals. And, they increase stamina, too!

Mighty Mangos:

In addition to the mango’s soft, sweet flesh, they are sweet and seductive fruits. They tend to be a juicy and sticky, but are a great alternative to avocados.

Wonderful Whipped Cream:

This little gem is total and absolute fun! It’s portable, uses no utensils, and is delicious. Lather it in many intimate places, and both of you will enjoying sensual feelings when it’s ‘licked’ off.

Seductive Strawberries:

Here’s another one of nature’s delightful foods. Strawberries are simple, sweet, and guaranteed to tempt your lover. They are heavenly, and fit perfectly with chocolate and champagne!

Curious Caviar:

For a more expensive experience, fish eggs are known as a fertility symbol. Caviar is loaded with 47 vitamins and minerals, making this most nutritious food on this list.

Sinful Chocolate

Chocolate has always been a symbol of love and passion, and provides a sudden boost of energy as an added benefit. Your lover’s body can be painted like a canvas with melted chocolate! It’s been said, women produce four times as many endorphins after eating chocolate than they do with a sexy kiss!

Oh, Those Oysters:

Many say oysters resemble the female organ. Men seem to love devouring them, while women provocatively slurp them slowly to titillate their love. Oysters have high levels of zinc – which is known to improve male libido and desires.

Captivating Champagne

Nothing says let’s get it on than a little bit of the bubbly. And, it was used by Royalty to captivate and win their bride-to-be.

Bewitching Cognac Love Potion

This recipe dates back centuries, and it tastes great! The potion is known to unchain wild and passionate desires. Many lazy lovers have whipped into a tiger. But, be cautious, drinking too much of this delicious potion will turn you into a drowsy and sleepy tiger. This effect will leave you with a very disappointed partner on your hands!

1/2 Liter of Dry White Wine

1/2 Liter of Cognac (or enough to fill a glass of Cognac)

30g of Cinnamon Sticks

1 Sprig of Vanilla

30g of Grated Ginger

50g of Maple Syrup

2 Quail Eggs

Pinch of Grated Nutmeg

Soak the cinnamon sticks, vanilla sprig, and grated ginger in white wine for 48 hours.

Strain the mixture. Add the maple syrup, quail eggs, cognac and nutmeg. Beat all ingredients together, and let it rest a few minutes. Serve in a cognac glass.

Note: Quail eggs have a subdued and lighter taste than chicken eggs, and have high protein and amino fatty acid levels, and makes the concoction, a nourishing drink, and keeps you ready for action..