A Brief Overview of Mouth Ulcers Causes

A mouth ulcer is either an open sore, developed on the inner side of the mouth or a laceration in the mucous membrane of the mouth. Mostly they have a small and round appearance. They can cause serious pain and can really impede you oral activities. Their two main types are aphthous ulcers (canker sores) and cold sores. Whenever you are experiencing any of the above mentioned types, certain foods like pepper can really generate severe pain. Usually they come in crops of three or four and can generally last for a few days or even a week. A number of individuals experience them regularly, while others may just dig up the occasional ulcer once in a year.

Amongst the various reasons of this problem, one of the biggest is emotional stress. When you are feeling any type of stress, you are more prone to have an oral ulcer. So if you want yourself to remain away from this trouble, you do have to make yourself stress-free.

With regards to diet and nutrition, there are more than a few reasons, mainly if recurring mouth ulcers are a difficulty. A number of people can be anemic i.e. lacking sufficient iron or folic acid. Perhaps, Zinc insufficiency is one of the major nutritional grounds. So, Zinc lozenges can be considered as very suitable, particularly if there aren’t any dental issues. There are a good number of patients, suffering with recurring ulcers, having food allergies or hypersensitivities. So if you notice to have an allergic relationship with any food stuff, then you have to minimize its usage for your long term benefit.

The second leading reason of this problem is the unintentional damage to your gums, tongue or inner cheek lining. For instance eating hot foods, mistakenly biting cheek lining or tongue, a pointed broken tooth and badly-fitting dentures may all be contributory factors.

For some women, they are more expected to occur before their menstrual period. This perhaps suggests that hormones like estrogen and progesterone have a strong effect in this domain. In addition, a decline in the stress hormone “Cortisol” can well be involved. This is for the reason that Cortisol is one of the most vital anti-inflammatory bodily hormones formed by the adrenal gland in stressful conditions. After constant stress, Cortisol becomes exhausted which can leave the individual more susceptible to inflammatory conditions like mouth ulcers.

Another reason you may develop this discomfort is that you have a basic medical condition such as Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. Now, if you do have such an underlying medical state for which you are consuming a pharmaceutical drug, then this might be the reason for it. A good number of pharmaceutical drugs induce a burning sensation in the mouth and digestive path, particularly if taken incorrectly. So consult your doctor if you are taking a pharmaceutical drug and believe this to be the only reason of your problem. Although, these types of reasons of mouth ulceration are very rare, but if your problem is not departing, you should necessarily consult your medical doctor.

Chemicals like alcohol or aspirin that come in direct contact with the mucous membrane of the mouth may cause necrosis (pre-mature loss of living tissues), forming an ulcerated surface. Similarly, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), one of the key components of most toothpaste, has been found to have an involvement in increased occurrence of this oral disorder.

It is quite frequent for smokers to have multiple oral ulcers within a week of smoking cessation. The time duration varies from individual to individual and may range from a month to even a year.