A Brain Tumor Treatment Process

There are many dangerous diseases in the world. Such as Aids, Blood Cancer, Brain Tumor, Breast Cancer etc. Brain Tumor is one of them. It is a vital disease for human brain. It can be either malignant or benign kind of its type. It is an irregular and uncontrolled activity of a brain cell that usual occurs into the brain, even metastasize, cranial nerves, and pineal glands brain covers in other organs.

A Client who will feel medical care for brain tumor generally takes steroids and drugs to alleviate the edema and pain. Anticonvulsant medication is regularly given to clients for avoid convulsion. The cerebrospinal fluid has to be drained applying a shunt if clients are suffering from hydrocephalus.

The brain tumor treatment generally includes chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. However, the treatment will change dependent on various factors include such as tumor’s type, size, location, age of a client and overall health situation. The treatment process and the program for children and adults usually vary.

There are many treatment processes for brain tumor in the world. Radiation oncology is the best treatment process for brain tumor. A damage brain cell is being stopped from rising by the treat of radiation. This method is generally used after surgery in which there are still remaining cancer cells that were not able to eliminate during surgery. A client generally thinks for this method when it is impossible already to have an operation done.

There are two processes in providing radiation therapy. First process is implanting radiation therapy and second process is external radiation therapy. Implant radiation therapies in which radioactive substance are put straight to the infected area. This radioactive substance may be permanent or temporary dependent on substance used. For second process, large machine is used.

Operation is the general method for brain tumor treatment. A neurosurgeon can operation this tumor. Surgeon can also remove damage brain cell from brain by skull opening. This method name is the craniotomy.

When the surgeon cannot remove cancer cells into the brain by use radiation therapy or operation that time third process is used for the client. The third process is chemotherapy. A physician uses multiple drugs or a single drug for this method. The drug is given to the client by injected or orally in the blood streams or muscle. This method name is intrathecal chemotherapy.