A Bad Case Of Diaper Rash Burns Like Fire

When a baby or a toddler has diaper rash, usually the only way they can let you know how bad it hurts is by crying. Diaper rash that gets out of hand is much more than uncomfortable, it can feel like there is a fire going on inside their diaper or training pants. Some people think that when a baby gets diaper rash, it is probably because of bad mothering or fathering, but that is definitely not always the case. Even the most attentive of parents can have a baby or toddler to develop diaper rash.

Sometimes diaper rash redness and irritation is caused because of the strength of the urine or bowel movements, but sometimes a child just has extremely sensitive skin. Many times the rash develops because the child is allergic to something that the child has drank or eaten and when it comes out the skin is irritated. Sometimes juices that have citric acids like orange juice can cause diaper rash.

Then again, many times babies do get diaper rash because their diaper has not recently been changed often enough. When a child has sensitive skin, it is important to change them regularly and make sure their bottom area is cleansed each time too. Even the constant wiping and washing of the bottom area can make skin dry and sensitive. There are many different brands of baby wipes available today and some of them have moisturizers that can help alleviate the damage that can be done from excessive wiping. Choosing one that works well for your baby might require a little experimenting with several.

One thing that many parents do when they change a diaper or training pants is to put a protective ointment on the bottom area. This will work with disposable diapers or training pants to keep moisture off of the skin to begin with. When babies have extremely sensitive skin this is a good measure to take.

When your child has a recurring diaper rash or other breakout that you can not seem to control no matter what you do, you should really consult with your pediatrician as there could be a more serious underlying cause that might require special treatment. When it comes to the health and comfort of a baby, nothing is more import to a parent than to make sure they are never in pain especially if it is preventable.