9 Home Remedies For Stop Your Hair Loss Fast

There are various hair loss treatments available in the market. It can be treated using chemical based medications or using hair transplantation mechanism. However, the later one is not accepted by every one due to its radical character. Most home remedies to treat hair loss in the market today could easily treat excessive hair fall. But still there are a lot of alternative methods that could help you treat your hair thinning naturally.

1. For preventing hair loss, caused by dandruff, use rosemary oil. Regular use of rosemary oil can significantly reduce dandruff to ensure healthy growth of hair.

2. This natural hair loss remedy is well-respected in herbal study since ages because of its ability to stimulate the hair follicles, hence to promote hair growth. It is also useful for preventing hair to become thinner. It is rich with fatty acid, so it also helps preventing premature hair loss and premature baldness.

3. Smooth the paste onto your skin where you wish to remove hair. It should cover the area completely. Allow the paste to dry to the point where it cracks before you move on.

4. Using Red Henna like the uncooked egg yolk is another natural way to prevent further hair loss. Just apply Red Henna on the scalp for about half an hour. You don’t have to worry if you see your hair turn red, this will be washed off.

5. Aloe vera is one of the most commonly used and effective hair growth natural remedies. Massage the scalp and hair with aloe vera gel and leave for about half an hour, before rinsing with water. For best results, use twice or thrice a week.

6. It has the ability to increase the growth of the hair up to 50%. It also enhances blood circulation on the scalp. It releases histamine that effectively stimulates cell division. Hence, it also augments hair follicles as well as it promotes new growth of hair.

7. I’m sure you have olive oil in your home kitchen. After washing your hair, apply it and it will revitalize your hair strands and help it recover from dullness.

8. Use castor oil, if you are experiencing hair thinning. You can use it alone, or mix it with almond oil to massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

9. We all know that dandruff is of the major causes for hair fall. Rosemary, the valuable natural hair loss remedy, helps fighting against dandruffs. If used regularly on the scalp, it lowers the possibility of having dandruff by 80%. The circulatory movement of rosemary also removes sebum accumulation on the scalp. Rosemary is thus really effective care for fighting against your hair loss.