8 Tips to Become Fearless Instead of Spineless

Quick dos and don’ts to go from spineless to fearless…

Each one of us fear something, a phobia as they call it… its getting into our nerves every time we are expose to each fear that we have, but we must now how to manage it and how are we going to react to a certain exposure when we are about to face it.

Simple ways you can do to manage it.

1. Don’t avoid your fear. Doing so will only train you to be more scared of it.

2. Don’t let your imagination run wild. Picture this, while trying to get some sleep, a little voice suddenly tells you: what would you do if you saw a ghost in your room? You begin to get Goosebumps by merely thinking about it. Suddenly, you vaguely hear the sound of footsteps. Soon after, there is a knock on your door… three soft knocks to be exact. Your brains tell you a ghost has come to visit you. As the door slowly cracks open, you scream at the top of your lungs and cry for help. The ghost at the door turns out to be your mom who just wanted to kiss you goodnight. But the experience was all traumatizing for you; you refuse to sleep alone in your room forever!

3. Do prepare for worst case scenarios and come up with contingency plans. Take for example you may keep a lamp by your bedside so you can turn it on every time you hear something strange. This way you’ll feel more in control by not allowing your fears to rule your life.

4. Do learn more about your fears. Research the more you know your fear about the enemy, the more confident you’ll feel about facing it.

5. Do repeat to yourself:” I am fearless, strong ands in control, I am not afraid of (fill in your fear)” say it over a hundred times and you’ll eventually believe it.

6. Do keep a journal every imaginable fear you have…. And how you conquered them and plan to do so. Whenever you’re feeling scared, just read through the journal and get the boost you need to knock-out your worries.

7. Do say no to fear pressure…. Don’t succumb to the temptation to be frightened. Fight back.

8. Do remember: it’s perfectly normal to feel afraid…. Besides you’ll never really know how brave you can be if you’re not scared.

Get the picture? Sometimes our fears are just triggered by our imagination. So whenever you get the creeps, tell your overactive imagination to slow down. It’s all in the mind so better control it and manage it now before it becomes worst.