8 Simple Ways to Encourage Hair Regrowth

So you have lost your mane and are looking for simple ways to encourage hair growth. Is there anything you can do to help grow your mane? Well your locks are dead and you can’t do much to help the hair on your head grow but you can go a long way to help grow new hair at the root level at a faster rate. And this is what is called hair regrowth, with simple proven steps we can help stimulate new growth of your locks. And so in this article I will share with you simple ways to go just that.

Here are a few steps to help hair regrowth

1. You need to consume a healthy and clean diet. You need to stay away from the bad vices such as smoking, drinking, drinking coffee and consuming sugary, fatty or salty foods

2. Get seven to eight hours of sleep a day, the more you sleep the faster your potential hair regrowth. Sleep allows your mane to revitalize itself at the root level. Stress is also absent in sleep and this allows your tresses to grow faster

3. There is nothing better for your mane than using a wide toothed comb. Apart from not damaging your tresses, a wide toothed comb will also stimulate blood flow to your scalp and follicles. Allowing faster and potential hair regrowth

4. Avoid or limit the use of heat tools on your mane. Heating tools stress your mane and cause hair fall

5. You want to cut your hair every two months; all you need is a trim. A trim will get rid of the split end and cause the development of healthy and longer tresses

6. Use a good herbal oil combined with daily scalp massages. A daily scalp massage will help send blood to your hair roots which will help encourage growth

7. Also perform a deep conditioning of your mane at least once a week. This goes a long way to help protect your mane

8. Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine and saltwater. Before you go swimming, use a good herbal oil treatment to coat your mane and wash your mane quickly after wards shampoo your hair as soon as possible after wards.

Follow these simple suggestions and you will have the fastest possible hair regrowth in no time at all.