8 Reasons Why You Get Clogged Skin Pores


What are the causes of clogged dirty pores? The causes are numerous, but there are a few simple solutions. You'll learn about those, but first let's learn about the causes.

1. Makeup Cause

Makeup is one of the most common causes of clogged dirty pores. Liquid foundation is probably the worst type of makeup for causing this particular problem.

2. Air Pollution Cause

Even women who do not wear makeup are subjected to dirt, smoke and other types of pollutants. Those things can easily get trapped in the pores of your skin.

3. Moisturizers Cause

Some moisturizers are like dirt magnets. Dirt particles in the air get trapped in oily ingredients. If you use skincare products with petroleum-based oils (petrolatum, mineral oil, etc), not only will the oils attract airborne contaminants, pore-clogging contaminants may already be present in the ingredients. The use of moisturizers is important. You just have to be careful about the ingredients. Many plant-based oils will moisturize without clogging the pores.

4. Perspiration Cause

Perspiration can help to keep the pores clean. But perspiration also contains salts, which can be a source of a clog. People have a tendency to rub their faces with their hands when perspiration is present. Their hands are likely to be dirty. The dirt gets traps in the perspiration and can easily clog the pores.

5. Cleansers Cause

Some cleansers contain ingredients that clog the pores. Many products advertised as cleaning masks will dry to a hard coating that is difficult to remove. Clay and other ingredients can clog the pores if they are not combined with other compounds to prevent the problem.

6. Inflammation Cause

Inflammation is a contributing factor. Many people think that enlarged pores are more likely to get clogged, but they are actually easier to keep clean. When pores become narrowed by inflammation or swelling, they get clogged more easily. Dirt, dead skin cells and sebum, the skin's natural oil, can combine to create a clog. That in turn can lead to a pimple or a blackhead. While a blackhead may look like dirt, it is actually oxidized sebum. So, you might also be interested in what can cause inflammation.

7. Dietary Factors Cause

Many dietary factors can contribute to inflammation throughout the body, but the general consensus is that simple carbohydrates (baked goods, pasta, sugar, etc) are the most common culprits. Because they are digested too quickly, they cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. When too much insulin is present in the bloodstream, it causes inflammation.

8. Ingredients in Skincare Products Cause

Any irritating ingredient can cause inflammation. If it causes redness or burning, then it is contributing to inflammation. Many of the acne products are known irritants. While those products are still used, a lot of dermatologists have stopped recommended them. They can do more harm than good.

Can Clogged Skin Pores Problem Be Solved?

There are solutions that will help prevent clogged pores and help clean them out. There are good skincare products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients. Now that you have learned about what might be causing your problem, learn about the solutions. They can be found in my next article.