8 Powerful Ways to Grow Scalp Hair Faster

If you want to grow scalp hair faster there are some things you need to take care of. You have to make sure your hair is healthy or else it will not grow very quickly nor very long. To make sure you have healthy, vibrant tresses try these tricks below to help you out.

1. Look for split ends, if you find you have some trim them off. You do not have to trim a lot just enough to take off the damaged and frayed ends. It will not only make scalp hair grow faster, but it will make your tresses look neat.

2. Examine the condition of your tresses very well; make sure it looks healthy, shiny and strong. If it looks damaged it could be from coloring or damaged from heat styling or even the sun. If your hair is damaged it is not a good idea to grow it out it will not look healthy but scraggly.

3. One thing that can make scalp hair grow faster is a healthy diet. If you find your tresses grows slowly you might need to change how you eat. Hair consists of keratin protein so make sure you are getting enough by eating foods like nuts, poultry, vegetables, fruits, grains and even eggs. Make sure you eat foods from all food groups to keep your body healthy.

4. Hair will react to your physical body and health, this includes diet and exercise. Are you getting enough exercise and sleeping enough? Are you eating the right foods including vegetables and fruits? Remember stress can also affect your body as well as your hair, so try to relax more. If you lack in any of these areas, try to see what you can do to repair that. You will notice faster scalp hair growth when your body is healthy.

5. Stimulating blood flow to the scalp is important too and there are a couple ways to make this happen. First, cardio exercise is a great way to get the blood flowing; it not only helps to keep you fit and healthy as well as making your skin glow, it’s great for your scalp too – making your hair grow longer faster. Another way to stimulate blood flow to the scalp is to massage it all over for at least 5 minutes at a time.

6. When brushing your tresses make sure you do not over brush it – as well as do not use a bristled brush because it will tear and damage your hair. However boar bristle brushes are actually good for your hair because they help to maintain good hair condition by keeping it clean. They also stimulate the scalp and distribute the oils for a glossy and healthy look.

7. If you want to grow scalp hair faster never brush your hair when it’s wet. Always use a wide tooth comb. In fact de-tangle your hair with your fingers first before combing it to avoid breakage.

8. Using Mira hair oil a deep oil treatment to condition your hair is great for scalp hair growth. It has a combination of natural oils and herbs perfect for stimulating the blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles.

Follow these 8 steps and you will grow scalp hair fast. The way to make sure you succeed is to be consistent and patient