8 Natural Ways to Promote Hair Growth

Promote hair growth? Are there ways to do this? Many people suffering from hair loss and bad hair are desperate to find natural ways to grow their manes back.

Well if you wish to encourage the rapid growth of your mane then there are a few things you will need to do. Most of these can be done from items found in your own home and are relatively inexpensive.

Here are the eight ways to help grow a longer and thicker mane.

1. Begin by massaging your scalp every day for a few minutes. Simple use your fingers and not your nails massage in small circles. Start from the base of ten head to the front of your head.this simple massage will promote hair growth.

2. If you want to bring back life and shine to your hair you can rinse it with the juice of 1 lemon and a cup of water. This will bring vibrancy back to dull hair. Another trick along these lines is rubbing one egg yolk on your hair, leave it on for an hour and then wash it off.

3. To help encourage the growth of healthy tresses, rub your hair with olive oil and then brush your hair gently with a wooden brush. Do not brush your hair when wet as it can damage it. A wide toothed comb will go a long way to grow longer locks

4. If you trim your hair every month it will help promote hair growth. Even if you only cut the tips it will prevent damage and remove split ends. Some experts say if you sleep on one side more than the other that side will grow longer and faster. This is due to the nightly massaging of the scalp on the pillow which promotes blood flow to the scalp which helps promote hair growth.

5. If you have beer in your home, let it go flat and then apply it to your hair, wrap your hair in a towel for an hour and then wash it out with shampoo. This will prevent split ends from occurring.

6. Using Coconut milk is another great way to promote hair growth. Simply massage small amounts of either canned or fresh coconut milk to your hair and try to keep it on overnight; simply wash out in the morning. This will help your hair grow longer, thicker and make it soft and shiny.

7. Applying an egg to your hair is an excellent way to add nourishment and shine. Apply a whipped egg at least once a week and then wash with mild shampoo.

8. One product you can purchase in a store is Mira hair oil; this product has herbs and oils that promote hair growth. Use it overnight to get the best results.

These are the eight ways to grow longer and thicker locks. In a few short weeks you will see your mane taking on new life and vibrancy.