8 Diet Tips For Eating Out

Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows how difficult it can be to eat out and still maintain their diet strategy. When your friends are ordering greasy pizza or pasta loaded with cream sauce, trying to order a dish that is low in calories, fat and carbs can be very hard. When you’re trying to shed a few pounds, but still want to have a social life, here are 8 tips that can help you survive social settings and still lose weight.

Tip #1 – Avoid appetizers – Many times appetizers are so filling and loaded in fat and calories that it can leave you with your calorie fulfillment for the meal. Once you’ve reached that calorie threshold, it doesn’t leave much room for anything to eat at your main course.

Tip #2 – Opt for salads – If you absolutely must have an appetizer to join in with the rest of the table’s occupants, go for a salad. In addition, skip dressings that are cream-based or high in fat. Instead, choose an oil and vinegar based dressing that is low in calories and fat content. Ask that your salad is void of any croutons or cheese shavings, as this can add unnecessary calories to your salad.

Tip #3 – Have your food prepared grilled or broiled – Many times, the same food can be triple in calories simply by the way it is prepared. For example, if you really want chicken breast for dinner, ask the waiter to have the chicken broiled or grilled with little oil, rather than fried in fatty butter. This simple change an drastically reduce the number of calories in that particular dish.

Tip #4 – Ask for veggies instead of carbs for your side dish – When ordering a main course, ask the waiter for non-starchy vegetables rather than mashed potatoes or rice. This will reduce the number of carbs and calories on your plate, which will help you stay within your daily caloric range.

Tip #5 – Skip dessert – Cake and ice cream are super high in calories and fat, so it’s just a good idea to skip dessert altogether. If you must, order some fresh fruit in replacement, as this will be a much healthier alternative to any other fatty dessert.

Tip #6 – Don’t drink your calories – This may be a bit tough, but try to drink a beverage that is either void or low in calories. Good choices would be water, tea, coffee with little cream, or no-calorie juices sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Some beverages can be super high in calories, which will just sabotage your dieting efforts.

Tip #7 – Avoid cream – When ordering a particular dish, like pasta or soup, make sure there is no cream in it. For example, rather than having a creamy sauce on your pasta, opt for a tomato-based sauce.

Tip #8 – Eat slowly – Many dishes at restaurants are piled really high, which can make you go way over your calorie allowance for the day. Eat slowly, and make a mental note of how much food on your plate should be eaten before you reach your threshold.